Why does love end?


Love is something beautiful until it fades, we all know it. And most who have gone through unsuccessful relationships wonder…


Why did my relationship end?

If you are one of them, this article is for you, here are some of the reasons why this feeling of love is lost:

The honeymoon ends

Some women in love are not realistic and expect life to be the color of roses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the truth is that it is not.

When the first years of love pass by and attention is focused on work, the payment of bills and other responsibilities, interest in the couple tends to be lost.

Stop feeling loved

Feeling appreciated, recognized, and special is important for both women and men.

In general, women are mothers, housewives, cooks, businesswomen, careers, etc. And the feeling that their partner values what they do and loves gives meaning to everything.

There are men who after a few years stopped expressing gratitude towards their wives and this is unfortunately very toxic for any relationship.

Compliments and recognition are two things that women love … Forever guys!


“We always do the same things every week, I’m annoyed, we never do anything different” This we’ve heard again and again from different women who tell their story.

It is vital to have a relationship thriving to maintain interest and put some energy and creativity into it. Do something different is exciting and more when it is next to your partner.

Loss of independence

There is no such thing as “healthy separation “in a relationship.

It is important that both women and men keep their friendships, their own activities and personal interests; for when your partner becomes the center of all this, it seriously affects both of you, and at the moment of separation you create a great resentment for the things that you left as friends, activities, etc.

Because of his ex-partner. Harassing your partner all the time is one of the reasons why the relationship ends.

Emotional disconnection

Something that causes many of these reasons already mentioned is the lack of communication. This is the worst mistake in which a couple can fall, because when things are not said, they are left inside the heart of the person and forming wounds.

It is important to spend time where as a couple they connect to each other and can express with respect all their concerns.

What chemistry?

Some women do not overcome the initial stage of that feeling of butterflies in the stomach when they knew they would see it or that unique feeling of wanting to get out of where you are to hug and kiss it.

The majority who have had long relationships know that this chemistry is fading with time, but it is important when this happens to keep the interest of your partner alive, he must seek your interest and you interest him.

For many decide to end their relationship when “the chemistry is gone”.

We have changed or “It’s not you, it’s me”

The truth is that what we want when we are young is very different from what we want when we have advanced in age.

The “bad” guy was a challenge and it was something exciting to go out with him, and usually women end up falling in love with this type of guy.

But later they begin to feel a great emptiness when they do not feel safe with their partner, forget it, if at first there was no assurance of fidelity, much less there will be after several years.

Constant criticism 

Something that automatically kills feelings of love and warmth is criticizing your partner constantly, criticism is the worst in a relationship and it is necessary to learn to be your partner’s help in things that do not do well.

In addition, another thing that ends with a relationship is saying things in a bad way. Everything can be said but it is the way it is said what will make the difference.

It is important to know that love is more than a feeling or an emotion, human beings are changing, today we feel sad and tomorrow happy, another day angry and another day passive.

Likewise, today you may feel in love and tomorrow not, but the important thing is that you decide to love that person at all times, and this means respecting it, valuing it and understanding it.

We must begin to think and seek the happiness of our partner before ours, because in this way we will find true happiness. “It is better to give than to receive”


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