What is oregano tea for?


Usually, oregano is used to spice up meals. However, it also has other uses. And, likewise, it can be prepared in infusion. This is the case of the one known as oregano tea, which has multiple health benefits. And is that oregano is rich in vitamins and minerals, apart from being a source of other photochemical. Thanks to this composition, numerous positive effects are attributed to the organism in general. But what is oregano tea for?

What is oregano tea for: healing properties and benefits

Oregano is a source of vitamins such as A, C, E and K, as well as being rich in fiber and minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium. In addition, it also contains folic acid and calcium. But that’s not all, because it is a seasoning that contains essential oils such as thymol, origanene or carvacrol, apart from having tannins, phenolic acids and flavonoids.

All this causes numerous properties to be attributed to it, which are beneficial to health. In fact, it is considered a spice, an aromatic plant and, really, it is a fairly complete food. But what does oregano heal? What are the properties and benefits of oregano tea? These are the main ones:

  • Digestive properties: oregano tea helps reduce stomach upset that occurs after meals such as heartburn or reflux. Also, avoid constipation.
  • Circulatory: it favors the correct blood circulation, avoiding the appearance of thrombi and improving and regulating menstruation.
  • Anti-inflammatory: oregano helps reduce inflammation by containing beta-karyophyllin. Thus, it is beneficial for cases of osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis. It has also been traditionally used to treat female problems such as menstrual pain, as it reduces inflammation of the uterus or womb that occurs on those days of menstruation.
  • Healing:This tea is also beneficial for the skin. And it makes it easier for wounds to heal before, while reducing the chances of getting infected.
  • Relaxing: oregano tea has a relaxing effect, which helps you fall asleep, as well as control anxiety, stress or nervousness in general.
  • Diuretic: oregano tea also has diuretic properties, making it a good complement to exercise and a balanced diet to lose weight.

How oregano tea is prepared

If you have never taken it, surely you will be wondering how to prepare oregano tea. The truth is that it is not complicated and the process is very similar to that of a normal tea. In addition, few ingredients are needed and you just have to follow these guidelines:


  • Water
  • A little fresh or dried oregano

The amount of each ingredient will depend on the final amount that you want to take at the moment, or if you want to have more prepared to be taken in several times.


  1. Bring water to a boil with the amount you are going to drink at that time.
  2. When it boils, add the oregano leaves.
  3. Let it boil for three minutes.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Let the infusion stand for at least five minutes. If you want it more concentrated, you can wait up to ten minutes.
  6. Strain the infusion well so that no oregano leaf remains.

With these steps, it would be ready to be consumed. It is important that you always prepare it at the moment and do not make much to save because it loses its properties.

How oregano tea is taken

Oregano tea can be taken several times a day. The best thing is to drink a cup in the morning and another at night. However, you should always control the cups you drink and not exceed that recommended amount because, if abused, discomfort and side effects appear. And which are the most frequent?

Side effects of oregano tea taken in excess

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Vertigo
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • Difficulty to swallow
  • Excessive salivation

Contraindications of oregano tea

Apart from the side effects, it is important to know that oregano tea also has a number of contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation:it is not a good option for pregnant women because it can cause some bleeding disorder by acting on blood circulation.
  • Diabetes:diabetic people also have to be careful with taking oregano tea as with any other product because they should always follow the medical instructions so that there are no drops or rises in sugar.


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