Treatments to overcome anxiety


Anxiety is a condition that disturbs our emotional balance. The consequences of it can be different. And today we will share with you some recommendations on how to overcome anxiety.

It should immediately be noted that feelings of anxiety and depression are not necessary for us. After all, this is a definite mechanism that allows us to monitor a variety of situations that our brain regards as a threat.


The organism should always be on the alert to anticipate and react to such events as effectively as possible, however, the alarm function remains slightly outside the phase and its significance is lost.

As a result, our anxiety turns into a mechanism of increased attention to one’s sufferings, connected with the emotions and thoughts that are experienced, and this is due to the impact of several factors that can be divided into three groups:

Factors of predisposition

  • Biological or genetic
  • Social context and learning
  • Personal features and lifestyle

Activation factors

  • Consumption of drugs and various stimulants (energy)
  • Difficulties in achieving the goal
  • Events requiring excessive effort or adaptation

Factors of service

  • Loss of ability
  • Counterproductive solutions
  • Inability to cope with problems

Anxiety and depression: more about this

Anxiety is closely related to depression , therefore, they have similar symptoms. The following reactions are a vivid example of this:

Incomprehensible fatigue, increased sweating, tachycardia , dizziness – these are the main manifestations of anxiety or anxiety. They strongly influence the everyday life of a person and force him to seek professional help. 

How to control anxiety?

Despite the fact that the problem is really complicated, there are several alternative options to cope with the symptomatology.

It’s good to try different ways to understand which one is the most effective and effective for your body. Next, we will talk about the most common options to combat anxiety, do not miss!

Express emotions

One of the most common problems of people with anxiety is the expression of their thoughts and feelings. They find it difficult to do this and there are repressive views.

In this case, the recommendation is to express your emotions whenever possible. The best way to practice this is to start with your closest social environment, with your family.

Over time, doing so will be much more difficult. And emotional communication and communication with family and friends will greatly contribute to overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression.


The verbal expression of one’s feelings is not the only way to achieve the desired result. An excellent alternative to understand what you are experiencing are records, keeping a diary , if you want.

This “exercise” is especially suitable for those who are worried about public speaking. To solve this problem, there will be enough notepad and pencil: write down all your thoughts about yourself and others.

You can arrange your entries as a diary so that this practice becomes regular and carried out day in and day out.

Find time for self-discovery

In order to remove the symptoms of heightened anxiety there are many different actions, however their number is not always equal to the quality.

And if a person is uncomfortable to perform certain actions, they will not be effective. Then the best option will be self-knowledge.

Find for this time, and not only in those moments when you are overcome by anxiety, but also in your daily (quiet) life. Find out what motivates you!

Reading or immersion in the world of sports – these are the most effective measures to combat anxiety. It’s time to get to know yourself better to make decisions confidently and to control the symptoms of anxiety (keep your emotions under control).


If you look for happiness in simple things, you can easily overcome stress and forget about feelings of anxiety and sadness.

Humor and a good mood, without a doubt, are a step towards true happiness. A smile has great advantages, especially if it is spontaneous and sincere.

To be in a good mood and radiate joy, “infect” with your positive surrounding – that’s the best way to fight a “disease” called anxiety. Try, your life will become much easier, both at the social level and at the physiological level.

Train your body

The production of hormones during physical training is very high, among them the most important (in this case) are the endorphins , since they are responsible for ensuring well-being and a sense of joy.

So sports will be an excellent alternative for counteracting the symptoms of anxiety and heightened anxiety. Be sure to try it!


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