Treatment of bronchitis at Home


Bronchitis is an inflammatory process that develops on the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Etiology can be different – from bacterial or viral infection to allergic reactions, or a persistent reaction to irritation when inhaled toxic substances for the body.

The epithelium of the bronchi swells, purulent or mucopurulent exudate accumulates on it (in severe stages of the disease – sometimes with bloody patches). The lumen of the bronchi narrows, seriously hindering breathing and causing a violent cough. That’s why you need to have funds that have an expectorant effect.

A very big mistake is made by those who treat bronchitis with disregard, not counting it a serious illness: “Think, I caught cold. I cough and it will pass away. ” However, this disease is much more dangerous than it is often thought of.

Therefore, if symptoms appear, urgent measures must be taken. This is an obligatory reference to a doctor, and treatment of bronchitis with folk methods.

Very often it occurs against the background of hypothermia, so it is often perceived only as a cold disease, although the main way of its spread is contact or airborne.

Treatment of bronchitis in the home

To improve the general condition of the diseased, liquefying and expectoration of mucus accumulated in the bronchi and trachea and facilitating breathing, a lot of effective folk treatments are used to suppress the foci of the inflammatory process.

  • Very good effect gives an old proven tool based on aloe with honey . Aloe leaves are crushed (meat grinder or blender) in a slurry in such a way that it is about 500 ml. Next, you will need the same amount of melted interior lard. All this is mixed with a kilogram of honey and 0.5 kg of grated chocolate. The resulting mixture is placed in a saucepan on a small fire and brought to a temperature of about 45 degrees with constant stirring. Everything must melt, and as a result, a paste-like, smooth substance will appear. It is taken half an hour before meals, at least three times a day. The taste of chocolate and honey interrupts the bitterness of aloe juice, and this means is readily accepted by children, but they should not be given more than a teaspoon in one go.
  • For a long time, the people knew the healing qualities of pine resin (gum) . Here is one of the options for its use in bronchitis. You need 200 grams of gum, vegetable (preferably unrefined) oil, crushed beeswax and honey. The ingredients are mixed on low heat until a uniform consistency is obtained, but it is impossible to bring it to the boil. Take this treatment three times a day, before meals, a teaspoon, but be sure to wash it with hot milk. Such therapy will help to cope even with chronic chronic bronchitis.
  • Long since the diseases of the respiratory tract have been treated with herbs. There is even a concept – “chest collection”, which includes linden, mother-and-stepmother, mint, plantain, pine buds, oregano, thyme, calendula and lungwort . As a rule, a similar phyto-drug is easy to get in a pharmacy. The infused infusion is drunk daily until complete cure by a meal of 100-150 ml. equally it will help both children and adults, since it has no side effects.
  • Cope with a strong dry cough and cause expectoration of sputum will help decoction of plantain . 50 g of dry mixture boiled with boiling water (0.5 L), after 1 -2 hours of infusion will give ready-to-use treatment. Take it on a tablespoon before eating.
  • Very good for the treatment of bronchitis is freshly squeezed carrot juice . This treatment will be very useful for children, especially at the onset of the disease, with the appearance of a dry cough. The juice should be diluted half with boiled water and sweetened with honey. One-time reception – one teaspoon, up to four times a day.
  • Good results are obtained with oats . To do this, a handful of grains of this cereal must be protected in the oven with a glass of milk for an hour. The resulting filtered drink is given to the kids during the day, distributing evenly the whole portion obtained.
  • In the treatment of acute bronchitis in adults, you can resort to more radical recipes. For example, grind 150 grams of horseradish roots and mix with three shredded lemons . This drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and expectorant effect.


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