Top 15 tips to conquer a man


There are a few sexy things that girls do that boys simply love.

Women always have a way to get a man’s attention. It’s not always intentional, but that’s how things work!

A man may be busy doing something, but if a woman passes by, there is a good chance that he will be distracted.

Why men think women are attractive

Just seeing a beautiful woman or a group of girls having fun or doing something always catches the attention of a man no matter where he is.

But have you ever wondered what it is that makes a man turn to see you on the street, or that he notices a woman as soon as he passes by?

Sexy things that women do and that men love

Some of the things that men love most about women are involuntary and natural.

And a few other things, well, are traits and habits that some girls adopt over time.

You do not really need to have all those gestures mentioned here, nor do you need to have all those qualities to impress a man or get his attention.

You just need to be yourself.

But, of course, if you think you can be a better version of yourself, then select a few tips from the ones we present here.

It will definitely make you feel better and more confident of yourself from within.

1. Your confidence

Men find that a self-confident woman is extremely sexy.

The way in which you develop when you are with a man or the safe way in which you speak plays a very important role in how much you want to impress him.

2. Your heels

The heels have a way to make your legs look longer and more attractive.

And if you go by a man’s side and you’re wearing heels, he will not be able to avoid watching you from head to toe.

3. Your adventurous vein

Men love a woman who likes to have fun.

Are you very tense and shy? Drop your hair and have fun once in a while.

4. Curves

This is an evolution and a man cannot resist looking at a woman who has good curves in the right places.

And if you have curves, use clothes that fit you well and accentuate them and you’ll see how you’ll get men’s attention easily.

5. When you give it a look

If you like a man or if you are trying to get his attention, do not settle for looking away or shamelessly.

You may get his attention, but he will probably get bored soon.

Instead, learn to look at it in the right way.

Seduce it with your eyes, make your heart overturn, and he will fall in love with you faster than you think.

6. Great energy

Men are easily impressed with a playful woman with a high energy level.

When you show that you have a childlike vein and you scream with enthusiasm, the man you like may cover your ears, but inside, I would still find you endearing and adorable.

7. Intelligence

If you’re smart, prove it.

You do not need to play dumb to impress a man, even though many men say they feel intimidated by dating a girl who is a know-it-all.

As long as you are not disparaging others and trampling on them, your intelligence will always be something attractive to men.

8. Sense of humor

You do not need to be a clown or be a comedian on stage to have a sense of humor

Just enjoy the little things and have a positive attitude about life.

9. Respect yourself

Self-respect plays a large part in the attractiveness of a woman.

If you do not respect yourself, men will take you for granted without intention or they will treat you like a carpet and they will pass over you.

And even if you try to get a man’s attention, he may think you’re too easy to get and may ask you to introduce him to your friend, who is provoking him instead of trying to open the doors for him!

10. Your laugh and your smile

Smile, and you will easily enlighten the minds of men.

Men are very attracted by female laughter and sweet smiles. Smile often, be happy and the whole world will see you more attractive.

11. Mystery

The mystery is sexy. And men are always attracted to women who cannot be read as an open book.

Do not tell everything about yourself the first time just to impress a man quickly, because it will not work.

12. Your hair

Your hair can be one of your best tools when it comes to attracting a man.

Play with your hair or run your hands through it, or move your long curls from one shoulder to the other with your hands to show your neck while making eye contact with a man.

13. Attire that makes your imagination fly

One of the things that a man finds sexy and attractive in a woman is his attire, especially when he is wearing something that is not very revealing, but that reveals enough to blow his imagination.

Use anything that seems to slide down your shoulders or your body, or something that reveals only a little of your support and you will see how magic happens.

14. A flirty touch

Walk behind the man you like and slide your arm between your elbow and your body and give a gentle push with your shoulder or wrap your arm with yours.

15. Blush

Men feel very good when a woman engages in a conversation with them.

The way a woman talks while flirting with shyness is sexy.

And if you blush and look away when he compliments you, well, you just made your day great.


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