Thermogenic foods for weight loss


Thermogenesis is the body’s ability to generate internal heat using energy consumed thanks to metabolism. The process of digestion and absorption of these thermogenic foods generates an extra expense of calories, in favor of the loss of fat. These foods are able to “help” the body to burn fat, speeding up the metabolism during its digestion.

Thermogenesis can be used in our favor to burn fat faster.

Physical exercise already helps to speed up metabolism, but we can help even more if we incorporate thermogenic foods into our diet.


Thanks to caffeine (and more, paroxetine), these cause the muscles to need more energy, since the consumption of hot coffee makes us increase body temperature. Paraxatin helps the body burn fat instead of glucose.

Caffeine is a substance that should be taken with some caution, exceeding 300 mg can be harmful (one cup has between 70 and 120 mg.). Other foods that contain caffeine are cola drinks or chocolate.

In addition to being a thermogenic food, caffeine can help increase attention, reaction times, overall energy, and improve resistance.

Green tea and white tea

The green and white teas contain a large amount of antioxidants (catechins) that help us increase body temperature, accelerate metabolism and therefore burn fat.


Cinnamon is a food that promotes thermogenesis. It can also work as a sweetener so we will not have the need to add sugar to our juices and smoothies.

Cinnamon also contains phytonutrients that help regulate insulin in the body.


Like cinnamon, ginger helps us with the process of thermogenesis. Add this spice to your recipes, juices and smoothies. In addition, it gives a spicy touch very pleasant to food (especially in juices). Include ginger in your shakes and detox recipes, to get a thermogenic effect.

Ginger works as a stimulant of the nervous system, it also helps us improve blood flow. To make matters worse, it is considered an appetite suppressant food.

Other thermogenic foods


Diets high in protein are quite effective when losing weight, since the consumption of proteins (such as Whey protein) helps to increase body temperature, producing a thermogenic effect. In addition, a high-protein food satiates hunger for longer than another high-carbohydrate food.

More thermogenic foods to lose weight
Among the many thermogenic foods that we can find we can count on red pepper, cayenne, bitter orange, curry, mustard seeds or black pepper.

Effects of thermogenic foods

  • Increase body heat
  • Accelerates the metabolism
  • They facilitate the decomposition of body fat
  • They make the body burn more calories
  • Benefits weight loss in a healthy and natural way

Combined with physical exercise

Combining the consumption of these foods with physical exercise is the KEY if you want to lose weight.


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