Teeth Whitening : how to have a Hollywood smile


There are several ways to make the teeth white, without seeking help from dentists. This will help apples, coconuts, soda and salt water.

According to Dr. Mervyn Druyan from the London Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, it is important that the whiteness of teeth is natural, that is, the color roughly corresponds to the whiteness of the protein of the eye and shares tips on how to achieve this, kp.ru reports.

1. Clean with soda.

Soda is added to most toothpastes, because it is the same natural bleach.

“Mix a quarter of a teaspoon of soda with water and dab the toothbrush into this compound.You can also add soda to a cheap tooth powder.Soda will gradually help whiten teeth rather gently.

2. Have strawberries and apples.

Apples are a known way to clean the teeth when the toothbrush is inaccessible. A strawberry contains malic acid, which helps in a natural way to whiten your teeth. But there is one important point – you just need to eat strawberries. In no case do not leave strawberries on the teeth, because its acid with prolonged exposure can damage the tooth enamel.

3. Rinse with salt water.

Salt water cares for the gums, because salt is a natural antibacterial environment. In addition, if you stir a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm boiled water, cool it and use it to rinse your mouth, you can see how gradually the tooth enamel becomes whiter.

4. Watch the color.

White products make your teeth whiter. Bring rice, fish, chicken into the diet. But bright colored products, such as blueberries, carrots, beets, will only “color” tooth enamel. By the way, after red wine, balsamic vinegar and coffee, you must rinse your mouth, as these drinks stain your teeth, not allowing you to whiten your smile (or drink them through a straw so that the drinks do not come in contact with the teeth).

5. Electric brushes.

Dentists say that the electric brush removes 70 percent more plaque and cleans more correctly than the usual, manual. Therefore, with such a brush and a white tooth smile it will be easier to achieve.

6. Cheese therapy.

Hard cheese really has such a structure, which is able to clean the plaque from the surface of the teeth. In addition, the cheese has a lot of calcium, which will make your teeth strong. For the same reason, doctors advise drinking milk.

7. Coconut oil.

Plaque on the enamel often appears due to the fact that the teeth color the foods that we eat. Dentists offer to rinse your teeth with coconut oil (enough table spoons for one procedure). Oil protects the enamel from staining and sticking the smallest particles of colored products, and coconut oil removes bacteria from the surface of the teeth and gums.

8. Products-brooms.

There is such a food that can perform the function of a cleaning sponge – for example, a popcorn with its coarse edges cleans teeth cleanly. Provided only that the popcorn is not sweet, and you will rinse your teeth after it.

9. Chewing gum.

It is able to mechanically remove excess “garbage” and stimulate salivation, which neutralizes acid after eating. Acids less, garbage less – teeth cleaner. Only here you need to choose the cud without sugar and chew for long. Very often we brush our teeth, but forget about the area between the teeth. It stays darker than the teeth, and the smile does not look perfect. In the struggle for absolute purity, the dental floss will help, which is worth treating the area between the teeth, so that the smile is bright.

10. Do not forget the language.

It is in the language that all food residues, including dyeing products and beverages, can be delayed. And it’s easy to hear these “colors” to the teeth. So be sure to clean the tongue with your teeth.


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