Practical psychology to channel negative energy


How to channel negative energy? As much as a person strives to be positive and optimistic, it is practically impossible, that at some point they do not feel negative energy as a result of stress, dramatic thoughts, lack of illusion…

Therefore, it is worth having a proactive attitude when it comes to channeling all that negative energy that, just as it comes to you, can move away.

Relax to scare away negative energy

The negative energy produces fatigue, for that reason, after a hard day nothing like rest, sleep well, relax with a hot bath, listen to soft music and perform relaxation exercises…

To rest you can also get home, put on comfortable clothes and lie on the sofa to watch a movie you like or read a book to help you disconnect. The important thing is to relax to start over.

Call a person you trust and tell them how you feel. You can also give yourself a good gastronomic pleasure to enjoy, for example, the temptation of sweet chocolate.

Express yourself through art

To channel negative energy you can also transform all that energy in a therapeutic way through art. For example, through writing. You can write stories or stories. Or also, translate your thoughts into a diary. In the same way, you can write letters to an imaginary friend who listens to you without judging you in everything you tell him.

Divert the focus of your attention

To channel negative energy, try to focus your attention on something that excites you or focuses your attention fully. Try to disconnect in an automatic way, from the worry you so dislike.

Negative energy is also reduced through beauty. Therefore, listen to the sound of the river water because it is relaxing, observe the wonder of the landscape, breathe deeply the fresh air … Feel how so much beauty overflows your senses and feel fortunate to live this moment.

This article is purely informative, in HealthProTips we do not have the faculty to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.


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