Philosophical analysis of the happiness concept


Psychology is based on philosophy. Therefore, it has been the different thinkers who have reflected in depth on the value of a happy life. That is, about the importance of having a successful and full life. In this sense, today, there is much talk about laughter therapy as a medicine to nourish well-being in a natural way.

Well, in this sense, it is worth remembering that Epicurus, founder of the hedonistic school, assured that the time people are laughing is a time they share with the gods. That is, laughter elevates us above our own nature.

Happiness from a historical perspective

However, the concept of happiness from a historical perspective has been much more connected with wisdom. That is, knowledge brings a horizon of freedom to the human being, on the other hand, it can also put into practice the capacity for personal improvement.

Plato affirmed that there is nothing better shared than happiness as long as any human being can access it. That is, happiness is not a good that depends on money or the economy, but a treasure that is cultivated through inner work.

Happiness from philosophy

From a philosophical perspective, the human being tends by nature to happiness, that is, this point equals us all. In the same way, within the attainment of happiness, as Thomas Aquinas explains, there is the flight of sadness. That is, anyone avoids any possible pain in a logical and natural way. Since in essence, it is difficult to feel happiness in a situation of bitterness.

How to find happiness

Seek happiness, also involves finding the value of the essential in life, and set aside, any objective that is secondary and artificial. Therefore, it is not appropriate to put welfare at the wrong point, for example, in pleasure, comfort or money.

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