Olive oil: Benefits for hair and skin


Olive oil in our country is only used for ten years. Not everyone knows what a rich composition has olive oil and what miraculous properties are inherent in it. Olive oil can be used in the kitchen (for cooking various dishes), in the bathroom (it can be used to make masks, add to the cream, bath), for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Very often people misuse olive oil, believe that it can completely replace sunflower oil, so they use it also for roasting products. Olive oil, like sunflower oil, turns into cholesterol when frying, so in this condition it does not work. It is desirable to use it for making salads, soups, add to boiled potatoes, pasta, porridges. It can become an indispensable product in the kitchen and a universal cosmetic product.

Olive Oil

When buying olive oil, you should pay attention to the label, it should contain information about the shelf life, the manufacturer, contact information, quality marks. Particular attention should be paid to the date of storage, very often you can buy a poor-quality product because of its carelessness. Store olive oil in a dark and cool place. A bottle of oil should not be left open, especially for a long time, oil quickly absorbs all the smells that are present in the kitchen. In no case it is necessary to put it in the refrigerator, the oil can freeze and lose some of its useful properties.

Olive oil hair mask

For brittle hair, olive oil can become a salvation. Not without reason, Spanish women have such beautiful hair, they regularly use olive based oil. Also it can be used to strengthen the nails. The most effective means of fruits, vegetables, clay with the addition of olives. They promote skin rejuvenation, prevent the formation of wrinkles. It is advisable to use cosmetic products with olive oil for the care of dry skin, brittle hair and nails. They help keep the skin moist.

To care for the skin, nails, hair, you can use cosmetics based on olive oil. Today, very often you can find drugs containing olives. In addition, you can freely prepare at home, masks for the care of hair and skin from olives. It is worth adding only 1-2 spoons of oil in the clay, apply on the face and the result will surprise. From the first use of this mask the skin becomes elastic, smooth.

Uses of Olive Oil

1. First of all, olive oil is a valuable food product, it contains a large amount of valuable vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, unsaturated acids. Therefore, using it in the daily diet will help maintain the shape and functioning of the entire body in its normal state.

2. Olive oil has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It has an easy laxative effect, reduces acidity. Therefore, it can be a good tool to prevent the formation of gastritis.It promotes better absorption of other foods.

3. Regular use of olive oil helps to adjust the work of the liver, nervous, cardiovascular system. It prevents the formation of blood clots and improves the work of bile.

4. It can be used to treat burns, ulcers and wounds. Promotes rapid healing of wounds.

5. Olive oil serves as a preventative for breast cancer. It can help patients slow the development of cancer cells, and at the initial stages cure.

6. With catarrhal diseases, olive oil in combination with other natural products (honey, decoctions of medicinal herbs) will help to quickly overcome the disease. In addition, it strengthens the immune system. Therefore, people who regularly use it for cooking, are less sick.

7. Helps to reduce the impact of stress, nervous disorders. It improves the state of mind.

8. People who suffer from increased pressure when using oil for food, can maintain it in a normal state.

9. It is desirable to use olive oil for making a ration of children. It promotes the retention of calcium in the bones and prevents the formation of diseases of the muscular skeletal system.

10. People who want to lose a couple of extra pounds and do not harm the entire body, it is advisable to use oil for refueling dishes, cooking sauces. It helps to establish metabolic processes, removes harmful substances and reduces appetite. Therefore, when you include it in your diet, you can lose a couple of kilograms gradually and without bad consequences. In addition, it maintains muscle tone, unlike many diets that help to lose weight, but cause the formation of stretch marks, cellulite.

If you know the right information, knowing about the chemical composition and properties of olive oil can avoid many diseases, have a good figure, skin, hair and nails. Therefore, each hostess should have in the kitchen such an indispensable product, like olive oil. It will help to save the family from many unwanted diseases.


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