Nine foods that are very caloric but can help you lose weight


At the moment of losing calories are important, but we should not make the mistake of looking at just that, because just as there are ingredients without calories that can lead to weight gain , there are very caloric foods that can help you lose weight like those We show below:


Among the different nuts, nuts are one of the most concentrated fat options and therefore, they provide a considerable amount of calories per serving.

However, they have been associated with better metabolic functioning and lower risk of obesity, being also a satiating option due to its richness in fiber, vegetable proteins and healthy fats.

It also induces the release of serotonin and in this way, can reduce stress and anxiety, this being key when we seek to lose weight.

We can include them in sugar-free fitness bars, in healthy cookies, or in a very nutritious snack.

Extra virgin olive oil

In the framework of a healthy diet, extra virgin olive oil has been associated with lower body weight and associated diseases. But in addition, its anti-inflammatory power is recognized that could be of help to prevent obesity, insulin resistance and other metabolic pathologies.

In addition, scientists from Japan indicate that extra virgin olive oil can encourage the production of brown fat in our body and through this change, increase metabolic expenditure or daily calorie expenditure.

Therefore, among all oils, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent option to dress our salads or season different dishes such as sautéed and others.


The pinions are like other nuts, an option that stimulates satiety in our body. Particularly, a study conducted in postmenopausal women indicates that their intake increases the release of hormones that calm hunger and appetite, being therefore aids to lose weight.

Also the pine nuts are, among the different nuts, one of the highest proportion of unsaturated fats contributes, and these favor the loss of weight.

We can add pine nuts to a sautéed, a salad or a classic pesto to accompany our pasta.


It is an oily legume but its richness in unsaturated fats as well as vegetable proteins and fiber makes it a very satiating option for the organism.

Its consumption can not only encourage the reduction of weight and body fat as indicated by research published in the journal Nutrition, but also improves blood lipids and other metabolic parameters.

We can include soy in a stew as if it were another vegetable or, in classic veggie burgers.


All seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fats of vegetable origin or omega 3 such as alpha linoleic acid.

In addition, they are a source of fiber and vegetable proteins, and require a lot of mastication, thus being able to promote satiety and contribute to weight loss in a healthy way.

The seeds can add crispy texture to a salad, crackers or other dishes such as sautéing.


The avocado is one of the few oily fruits and is concentrated in calories unlike other options. However, in their interior monounsaturated fats predominate that used in replacement of saturated fats promote the reduction of weight over time even without modifying the calories of the diet, according to a study carried out in Australia.

Besides being a source of quality fats, the avocado provides fiber and vegetable proteins, making it a satiating option to add to the diet.

We can incorporate it with savory dishes such as salads, or use it to make healthy sweet dishes such as a creamy chocolate, truffles, a chocolaty dessert without sugar or others.


Usually considered a dry fruit but it is not, because peanuts are next to soy, an oily legume rich in unsaturated fats and high concentration of fiber that provides satiety to the body.

A study published in 2016 indicates that its intake helps to prevent obesity, perhaps partly due to its satiating power.

We can consume it as a snack without further ado, or in salads or sautéed.


The almonds and other nuts, are concentrated in fat and calories but as concluded US scientists, not fattening but on the contrary, can prevent weight gain.


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