Morning tips to have a more productive day


Have you ever wondered how to have a more productive day? Here are 7 things to make your day as profitable as possible:

Usually, before we begin our daily obligations, we take a short time in the morning to prepare. Have you ever wondered how to have a more productive day?

First we showered and dressed, then we had breakfast, and finally, we proceeded to start with the usual routine. At least, this is the sequence that many people currently carry.

However, it is advisable to have a lapse of time to do or think about some things that have a positive influence on our day. Here are 7 things to make your day as profitable as possible:

1. Do some exercise

To have a more productive day it is advisable that 15 minutes after waking up, do some aerobic physical activity. You can jog for 20 minutes or perform a small home gym routine for 40 minutes.

Physical exercise before breakfast allows you to burn more body fat than usual. There are studies that show that exercising every morning improves our capacity for reflection, concentration, memory, and combats depression.

2. Have a good breakfast

Good nutrition is also key to having a more productive day. A good breakfast, loaded with carbohydrates and proteins improves your mood.

Studies show how important the first meal of the day is, both for our physical and mental health. Not having breakfast, or skipping breakfast, can cause us not to perform correctly in our work.

3. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice

Studies support the fact that lemon has properties to improve mood in people. Therefore, drinking lemon juice in the morning, accompanied with breakfast, can generate an increase in serotonin in the body.

The serotonin is the chemical responsible for our mood during the day. The more serotonin we have in the body, the more productive day you will have.

4. Drink water

In case you cannot drink the lemon juice in the morning, then you can drink a good glass of water. The hydration that water gives us, allows our energy levels to be high.

Studies have shown that water intake can contribute to our moods during the day, reducing feelings of fatigue and sleep.

5. Apply some meditation or relaxation

After getting up, and once you have taken a bath, doing fifteen minutes of meditation will help you have a more productive day.

Meditation and relaxation exercises allow increasing the density of gray mass in the brain. This is translated into memory and the didactic capacity benefited. In addition, episodes of stress and anxiety are reduced

6. Read something constructive

Reading is the best training medium for the brain. This allows us to improve our memory capacities, reduce stress, and develop empathy.

This does not mean that you are going to take the newspaper in the morning and read the most negative news. Quite the opposite. Try to read some constructive, reflective or well-being article to fill yourself with good energies.

7. Write something declaring the best of the day

It is necessary to take a few minutes in the morning to write some affirmation that collaborates with our vision of the day. This will give us the security to start on the right foot and be able to develop all our activities well.

For example, you can write short-term and long-term personal goals or objectives in a note. You can also organize a goal in small steps to motivate you to make it happen.

This will help you feel more motivated and focused on what you want to achieve. At the same time, you will feel that you have a more productive day to see the progress in your goals.

Do your part to have a more productive day

As you see, to have a productive day, we do not have to focus only on doing our work from the moment we get up.

There must also be a prior motivation that allows you to bring out the best in you. And you, what activities do you have to have a more productive day? Share us what helps you the most.


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