Methods of treating colds with folk treatments


As already said, the common cold is caused by a number of factors related to the weakening of the protective functions of our body. Depending on the developed immunity, the signs of this disease can manifest themselves in different ways.

The main symptoms of colds are:

  • runny nose,
  • sore throat,
  • weakness,
  • a sore throat,
  • heat.

Folk treatments are a great way to defeat colds. At home, various methods of treating the sore throat and runny nose are used:

  • compresses,
  • inhalation,
  • bathtubs,
  • phyto-tea, etc.

In folk medicine, there are many useful recipes in the form of various broths, infusions and teas that help fight the first signs of the disease. What are the ways of home, effective treatment of colds, consider next.

Home treatments for cough and cold

Treatment for a cold at home includes washing the nasopharynx, gargling, water procedures and the use of various healthy home-made drinks.

First aid for treating colds at home can be provided by applying one of the following recipes.

Effective folk treatment: honey, ginger, lemon

  • For cooking, you need to take a large lemon, peel and cut into slices. Further, 300 g of ginger to pass through a meat grinder or grate along with a lemon. In the resulting mixture add 200 g of honey, mix and place the resulting mass in a jar with a lid. You can use the treatment in pure form – 1 hl per day, or as an additive to tea.

This recipe removes the symptoms of colds, relieves cough and increases immunity.

Garlic with honey

This folk method of treatment increases immunity and quickly fights with cold symptoms. To do this, garlic (4-5 denticles) must be ground to a state of gruel. Mix it in equal proportion with honey. Stir and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. To consume 1 tbsp. l. before going to bed for 5-7 days.


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