Isometric exercises, muscular tension


Isometric training is a little known way to get fit. You only need your body to do it and five minutes. You sign up?

We are all aware that the practice of regular physical exercise helps us keep our bodies in shape and provides us with both physical and mental benefits. Today we want you to know the isometric exercises, a way to take care of our body without leaving home.

What are isometric exercises?

The isometric training is based on the same as those made in other forms of training, such as pushups, sit – ups , crunches … the isometric Unlike maintain muscle tension during a period that can range from 6 to 10 seconds, half The exercise.

The isometric exercise is defined as a special form of muscle training and articulate that does not involve movement, hence the “iso” means equal and “metric” distance, and that is to bring the muscle to a state of tension and hold for several seconds under that pressure to later relax it.

When dealing with conventional exercises, you do not need any specific equipment to perform this training modality and the place to do it can be any room in your house with enough space to lie down.

One of the excuses that we use most to put aside physical exercise is the lack of time to do it. With the current pace of life many people have drastically reduced the time they have to devote to themselves and the main victim is the realization of physical exercise. One of the advantages of isometric training is that you only need 5 minutes to perform a daily routine, and as we have previously informed you, you will not need any special equipment or move outside your home.

As the muscles are not subjected to force or movement, this type of training can be done by all kinds of people regardless of their fitness and is highly recommended to people who are in the process of recovery from an injury or those who are prone to suffer them

Advantages and benefits of isometric exercises

The main advantages and benefits of incorporating an isometric training routine into your daily activity are the following:

  • Minimum risk of injury ; As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, this type of physical exercises do not require any type of movement or impact on the joints, so the risk of suffering any kind of injury is reduced. This is why this training is recommended for those people who practice physical activities that have a great impact on joints such as muscles, such as mountain runners.
  • Strengthening of muscles; the tension maintained for brief periods of time on a certain group of muscles helps increase the resistance and efficiency of your body. In addition, as you work with specific muscles, this training is very selective and you can perfectly decide the muscle group in which you most want to influence.
  • As we have also mentioned throughout the article, this type of exercises will not take much time since they do not require many repetitions and each of them is very short. Approximately a routine of isometric exercises of only 5 minutes can be organized.
  • You do not need complementary material. The strength of isometric training is the maintenance of tension in the muscle, so you do not require any specific accessories. This can be one of the main reasons why this type of physical training does not have as much publicity as others, since we cannot “sell” anything.

Now that you know more about isometric training, the next step is to put it into practice and check the benefits and results that these physical exercises give you.


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