Psychological methods of stress relieving


Psychological ways to relieve stress

As a means to relieve stress, you can recommend:

  • Switching attention to something that brings pleasure, whether it’s swinging on a swing, relaxing hot tub, going to the movies, shopping , rereading your favorite book …
  • Change the attitude to the problems . Do you remember what was written on the ring of King Solomon? “And this will pass.” Nothing, even the most difficult and unsolvable problem, will not last forever, and therefore, do not despair. It is better to look for different solutions, find them at least five, let them be, even the most idiot young lion. But, in the process of thinking, you will understand that the way out is always.
  • Throw the problem out of your head for five minutes. Throw it out not forever, of course, you will solve it, but later. In five minutes, the sky will not collapse, no? And in such a short time, if you still manage to break your mental gum and not think about the “white monkey” for five minutes, you can relax and relieve your stress by 20 percent.
  • By the way, determining your stress in percentages and figures helps you to better understand it and more consciously reduce it. Well, dear, well, five percent of everything! Give a little more!
  • Draw yourself the most terrible scenario, in colors, please! And then, take a look from the side, how likely is it that m-A-A-Who happens? As a rule, mistakes are not beaten for bugs. And not only the one who does nothing is wrong.
  • Positive affirmations (statements) on the problem solvability, the mood for good, and even the presentation of colorful pictures of future successes, achievements is great to change the mood.


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