How to relax the mind before sleeping


Rest is an ingredient of well-being from a physical and mental point of view. However, there are many obstacles that interfere in a restful sleep. For example, work concerns. In this HealthProTips article we give you the keys that you know how to relax the mind before going to sleep, experiencing a pleasant sensation of well-being.

Try to live your moment of rest as a daily pleasure that allows you to disconnect from the external to focus on you and live the pleasure of rest, also remember that happiness accompanies you while you sleep. Imagine the optimism with which you wake up after a night of a good night’s sleep or the joy with which you open your eyes that day that you remember the kind taste of some dream that still remains in your memory.

8 tips to relax the mind before sleeping

So you can know how to relax your mind before you sleep, then we will give you 8 tips that will surely help you to better reconcile your sleep. They are the following:

  1. Do the digestion before going to bed. That is, it is very important that you wait two hours before lying down in bed. Otherwise, you may have some discomfort that hinders your own rest.
  2. Take care of the rest environment. Ventilate your bedroom every day. Leave electronic devices out of the room. Take care of the order in the room since the external order is an invitation to one’s interior harmony. Use a bedding according to the station in which you are.
  3. A time of reading. If you like to read, then you can leave a book on your bedside table to which you dedicate a few minutes each day before going to bed. Reading as enjoyment becomes a pleasant invitation to dismiss the day with a dose of creative leisure. Many people say they do not read because they do not have time for it. However, fifteen or twenty minutes of reading a day can be very productive.
  4. Make a mental review of beautiful moments. This psychological exercise is a good routine to relax the mind before going to bed. Say goodbye to the day by reviewing situations, words and details that you liked today. It is not necessary that they be extraordinary matters. Take into consideration even the simplest aspects of the routine. Why is this exercise rewarding? Because it helps you create a cheerful mood shortly before going to sleep. That is, you develop a happy disposition for sleep. In relation to this point, if you have the habit of writing a journal, this is a good time to write down an idea.
  5. A bath at the end of the day. The moment of the bath at the end of the day brings an added advantage compared to the morning. You can enjoy this bathroom with tranquility. This state of relaxation, after a day of hard work, allows you to create a disconnection anchor to focus on you.
  6. Relaxation exercises once lying on the bed, breathe deeply. Concentrate only on the act of breathing and feel how this well-being renews your organism. You can use a soft background music to create an atmosphere that invites this relaxation.
  7. Use an agenda for the job. Often, a common concern is that the person is doing a mental review of what they have to do the next day. If you adopt the habit of writing down your tasks in an agenda, then, at the end of each afternoon, check the agenda of the following day to have an overview of what that moment will be like. Once you have reviewed your agenda, your mind disconnects from that issue.
  8. Remember a beautiful moment in your life. A time when you felt good and happy. Recreate in those sensations.

Establish a routine; key to relax your mind

Try to always lie down at the same time. A schedule that can be more flexible on weekends, however, try not to break it too much. Human beings need the routine because we feel comfortable in it. And the habits lead to this pleasant routine also in the plane of the dream. For example, avoid staying up late watching television if the next day you have to get up early.

Each person is unique and unrepeatable. For this reason, of all the ideas provided in this post, choose those that help you most in your daily rest.

This article is purely informative, in HealthProTips we do not have the faculty to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.


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