How to lose weight at 40 years? Speed ​​up your metabolism with these tips


Since you are 40 years old is it hard for you to lose weight? As you age your metabolism slows down for each decade that passes, so if your body at rest burned 1,200 calories, after 40, it will only consume one thousand 140.

However, and according to specialist Pamela Peeke, a professor at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine, there is another factor that hinders weight loss: hormones.

Both testosterone and estrogen stimulate the accumulation of fat cells, which over time can become an aesthetic and health problem.

To prevent this, we present 3 ideal exercises to lose weight at 40:

  1. Aerobic activity. It is recommended that you perform at least 30 minutes a day of moderate aerobic exercise; for example, walking, cycling or swimming.

To optimize fat burning, determine the ideal heart rate when doing your exercise. According to the journal Fitness after 50, you can set this frequency by multiplying your maximum heart rate, 220 minus your age, by 55% and 65%.

While you are doing physical activity, you will have to keep your heart rate between these numbers.

  1. Strengthening training. This contributes to gain muscle mass, which allows your body to burn calories efficiently even during rest.

Because muscle mass begins to decrease after age 25, your body will not burn fat in the same way at age 40.

Start with two weight training sessions per week, lasting 30 to 45 minutes.

  1. Training intervals. These rotate cycles of high and low-intensity exercises within the same training session; For example, you must use the stationary bike moderately for 5 minutes, increase the speed limit for one minute and then resume the initial speed.

You can alternate your speed in this way throughout your training. You will burn more calories when you exercise more intensively, even if you are not training at the highest levels throughout the session.

Losing weight is very important for your health and the image you show to others. However, you should always do it under measures that do not risk your physical and emotional well-being. Remember, the most important thing is you.


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