How to learn to overcome fears


Do you wonder how to stop being afraid of everything or do you have several types of fears and want to face them? It is normal that if we live with large insecurities we feel almost constant discomfort and, finally, we want to find a good solution.

How to learn to overcome the fears I have

The first thing we want to clarify is that there is no single formula to solve the problem of being afraid. Therefore, it is very important to inform and know tips such as those we offer below, but it is also vital to put ourselves in the hands of professionals who help us understand what fears we have , why we suffer them and teach us the best tools or techniques to be able to manage and overcome them. Although you follow some tips on tricks to overcome fears, do not hesitate to go to a psychologist and let you advice.

Face the situation by acknowledging your fears

It is important to recognize your fear in order to know how to act. What are you afraid of? To failure, to death, to ridicule, to be rejected, to abandonment, to compromise, to some animal, etc., the list of possible fears seems endless and, therefore, it is very important that, as a first step, you identify what you are afraid of it and if it is a single very specific thing or if it is more widespread fears and insecurities.

Once the main problem is identified, you can work better on it to overcome it.

Think positive to overcome fears and insecurities

Thinking positive is a very effective way of winning in quality of life and is one of the key tools to overcome fears. Negativity encourages discomfort and fear, so it is best to focus on more neutral thoughts and, above all, on positive ones, discarding negatives every time we detect them.

In fact, this is closely linked to building self-confidence and the ability to overcome a problem or a fear, something that we discuss better below.

Believe in yourself

Self-confidence is another key to overcoming fears of all kinds. It is important to feel gradually stronger and realize that it is possible to conquer fear.

You have to believe that you are able to overcome each situation by using a certain perspective to see the panorama with more tranquility and be able to face it. To do this, you must first trust yourself and your own abilities. You must consider it as a challenge to overcome and also possible, in order to grow and move forward.

Focus on the present

Another relevant aspect is to try to think about the moment you are living and not what could happen. To be thinking about what would happen if … or what will happen when …, is not an adequate way to focus your day to day.

Being very focused on the future, or the past, makes us not enjoy the present and generate more doubts, insecurities and fears.

Don’t look for perfection

Avoid thinking at all costs of finding perfection in what you do, in your surroundings and in yourself. Think that, in reality, nothing is perfect in life. Trying to achieve perfection can be very stressful, cause great insecurities and fears, as well as produce unnecessary burdens that will complicate you to overcome problems.


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