How to have a flat abdomen


Both women and men usually accumulate most of the fat that is ingested in the abdomen, hips and thighs, which means that the figure is lost and that many people are complexed by their appearance. Overweight, in addition, cannot only aesthetically affect a person, but can end up being a serious health problem. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a balanced diet and perform daily exercise to keep fit and not take risks.

How to have a flat stomach in 3 days – is it possible?

If you have ever tried to lose weight or have sought information to achieve a flat abdomen in a few days, surely you have encountered miraculous routines and diets that promise incredible results in a short time and swear that it is possible to have a flat stomach in 3 days.

We want to inform you that such miraculous diets do not exist, and losing weight to achieve a flat stomach is a long process that you should not abandon even if you start to see the first results. However, there are foods, tricks and exercises that, without a doubt, will make you lose those extra pounds with some speed , so if you are in a hurry to see your smooth and thin abdomen and want to know how to have a flat abdomen , continue Reading this article. Ready to give it all?

Achieve a flat stomach: men and women

Something important to keep in mind is that this article is as applicable to men as to women. You may think that most exercises are designed for women, but if you wonder how to have a flat abdomen in men, you should know that these tips are also for you. These are some elements to consider if you wonder how to lose weight fast and how to have a flat stomach in a matter of days:

  • You must be mentalized: before getting on with the flat abdomen exercises and with the advice that we will present below, you must be aware of everything you are going to have to do to achieve your goal. Otherwise, you will not be willing to make certain sacrifices and you will end up getting tired before reaching the goal.
  • Not everyone is the same: these exercises and advice will not work the same throughout the world, because the speed with which the desired body is achieved will depend on the genetics, resistance, individual abilities of each, etc.
  • Food is key: do you wonder how to have a flat abdomen? Then you should get the idea that you will have to follow a strict flat stomach diet that we will talk about later. In addition, if you want to discover how to lose weight fast, this dietary guideline will also be very useful.
  • The exercise has to be constant and intense: although it is true that you cannot start with very difficult exercises, especially if you are not used to very long routines, it is essential that the exercise is constant and that you stay motivated in all times . This means that it is of little use to do 1 hour of training a day if later you will not exercise again in 4 days. Do at least 40 minutes of daily exercise and go up the level as your routines progress. Do not give up if at first you have a hard time keeping up with the pace, you will eventually have everything under control.

How to have a flat stomach: exercises at home

The best thing about the exercise routine that we bring you next is that you can do it perfectly from home. You will only need comfortable clothes, a little space, a mat, a bottle of water and a lot of motivation.

You must be clear that there are no exercises to lose weight only in one area of ​​the body, so to start we will show you the routine of cardiovascular exercises that you must follow to burn fat in general and, subsequently, a routine to burn abdominal fat specially designed for you to look a flat stomach Are you ready?

How to lose weight fast: cardiovascular exercises

If you want to lose weight fast, cardio is your best ally. Try to perform the exercises that we propose below at least 4 days a week and in a short time you will see great physical and psychological changes. Keep in mind that you should start with short but high intensity intervals to burn fat quickly in areas where it tends to accumulate the most. We start the exercises at home for flat stomach, take note:

5 cardio exercises to lose weight fast

  • Swimming:surely you have heard that swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist. Well, not only is that true, but it is perfect for losing weight quickly, since it is a sport that forces all parts of the body to work.
  • Running: if you are not signed up for a gym and swimming is not your thing, we recommend running to lose weight. The trick? As we have said, the trick is to make variations in the intervals and increase in intensity. Start slowly, then take power and, from time to time, do a sprint. You can get to burn 500 calories in just 40 minutes, so do some cardio every day.
  • Jumping: there are many ways in which you can jump to burn fat quickly. While it is true that jumping rope is one of the best options you have, there are people who find this exercise boring. Mix the jump rope with high jumps (trying to raise the knees to the chest), jumps with the heels towards the back and scissor jumps (better known as jumping jacks).
  • Burpees: if you are already familiar with some training routines, you will know that burpees are one of the most intense and effective exercises that exist. Not only is it an immediate fat burning but it will activate virtually every part of your body.
  • The skater: the skater is another highly effective exercise that requires practice and effort, as it consists of jumping sideways to work legs and buttocks but also the abdomen. Give yourself momentum with your left leg and land a few meters further with your right leg (knees should be bent). Bring the left leg behind the right foot to support you and then repeat the action but giving yourself momentum with the right leg to change.


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