How to get in shape without paying gym


Training in the park, going to the swimming pool, dancing or going out to nature are alternatives to the gym ideal for summer. One way to save the gym fee during the summer months, and why not, all year.

Know exercises to train at home or on the way to work, go jogging in the park near home, take some sports supplements to take care of food, are some of the actions we can take to take care of ourselves and maintain the form without having to go to the gym.

You want to know more? Keep reading and discover how…

Train in the park

The easiest way to train and stay fit without stepping into the gym is the park. There are more and more parks that include equipment and tracks to perform different sports. And if the park does not include any track or material to train, just have a place to run, we can always do a little jogging, a type of exercise similar to running on foot.

The activities that we can do in the outdoor park (and more now in summer) is very varied. Among them we can perform high intensity training such as Hit, we can jump rope, calisthenics, and body and mind activities such as Yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi.

At home or at work

Our house, or on the way to work can be places to take advantage of doing a little exercise without paying the gym fee. Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator is the simplest way to take advantage to move your legs a bit and work your quadriceps, but there are more ways. Using the road from home to work for the exercise is one of them. The method of displacement may vary according to distance, but you can consider moving to work on bicycles, skates or doing some running.

As for the exercise at home, do not need too many materials to perform a good exercise. The home sofa can be an excellent option. The height of the sofa (or a chair, armchair, etc.) is ideal, for example, to perform sit-ups with legs in height, or to perform the Bulgarian squat.

Take care of food

It will be useless to exercise to be in shape if you do not take care of food. We are what we eat, and therefore we must take care of our diet. Having some knowledge about sports nutrition can help us change some of our unhealthy habits to better ones , avoiding, for example, foods that are too caloric, pre-cooked or ultra-processed.

In addition to this, follow these three simple tips:

  • Drink water to maintain hydration
  • Eat fruit (between 3 and 5 pieces a day)
  • Perform five meals a day to maintain active metabolism

We have found a wide variety of healthy food products: pancakes, snacks, cookies, oils, flours such as oatmeal or cereals, among other high quality food supplements.


Swimming is one of the most complete exercises that can be performed. By swimming, you can work the entire musculature . What better plan for summer than going to the pool and doing some exercise while we cool off? I can not think of another better way to do outdoor physical exercise in the summer without paying for gym.


The benefits of dancing go beyond fitness, for example, one of the best ways to eliminate stress. In addition to moving the whole body and working the musculature, the dance works other qualities such as discipline or coordination .

If you do not know where to start, there are a lot of predesigned choreography on networks like YouTube.

Trekking and Hiking

Hiking gives us all the benefits of sports, as well as the benefits for body and mind of going out into nature . A trekking route requires a good physical effort, and depending on the distance or difficulty of it can be more or less demanding at a physical-sport level.

Through these activities you can save the gym, but trekking or hiking gives you something else, like dancing, going out to nature to make routes is also a way to release the accumulated stress.


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