How to continue your training despite the bad weather


In these hot days, UV rays can cause severe skin damage; Training indoors can be very comfortable and comforting if you have the right equipment.

For cyclists, triathletes, and especially for those who prefer to practice extreme sports, training outdoors is almost an obligation.

But what happens when the weather becomes a challenge to perform your exercise routine?

If this is your case, you know that your performance does not have to be affected by the weather, either cold or extreme heat. Maybe it’s time to take your exercise to a place out of reach of sudden changes in temperature.

IC8 Power Trainer: An excellent alternative

This is a device for indoor exercise that promises to make your life much easier during these hot seasons, ensuring all the training you need in the comfort of an interior space.

Until you’re ready to go out and exercise!

And not only that, IC8 Power Trainer has many more reasons that can convince you that this tool will be the best companion  to perform your workouts indoors ; Here we list you only 5.

1. Personalized training plan

You can exercise by entering your functional threshold potential (FTP) in the TFT console to measure your level of performance , this will allow you to execute any  preparation plan  based on your FTP and the IC8 console will show you in which training zone you are, changing your color screen, depending on the training zone you are in.

2. Physical fitness test

When training on a fixed bicycle ICG you can do the “Test of FTW (power)” to measure your fitness and establish 5 training zones by color. All you have to do is stay green for as long as you can and overcome your own brand.

3. Multiple tests

If you do not know your FTP, the IC8 console gives you the opportunity to choose between two tests, one is the ramp test where every four minutes will be increased, the second is a five-minute FTP test, very similar to the previous one.

4. HIIT intervals

The IC8 comes equipped with a chain of considerable size, which allows you a starting power during intervals of HIIT (or a cardiovascular training type) that can generate up to 3800 watts of output.

5Simulate a road bike

The Q factor of 155 mm. It keeps you as close as possible to the positioning of your road bike, giving you more comfort during its use.

There is no excuse for not doing what you like and getting on your bike no matter the weather!


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