How to be happy in life


“Why does it sometimes seem so difficult to be happy?” you will ask yourself. Currently, people are accustomed to lead a pace of life too fast and in turn routine. In general, we spend most of the day working and / or studying, which leaves us little time to enjoy ourselves, others and what we are passionate about..

If you are reading these lines, it is probably because you also wonder how you can be happy in life, how to be happy alone or how to be happy as a couple every day. In short, what you really want is to escape from the comfort zone that, in the end, only makes you feel less free. For this reason, in the following article, we explain how to be happy in life with a series of easy and very effective tips.

How to be happy alone

Have you ever felt that you need someone else to be happy? Insecurity is a very common feeling among people, but to discover how to be happy in life you cannot have low self-esteem constantly and believe that you need a partner to achieve happiness. If you feel identified with this, one of the aspects that prevent you from becoming happy is that you do not love yourself.

Although you may think that it is one of those things that costs little to say but a lot to do, there are some tips you can follow to be happy in life and, above all, to learn how to be happy alone :

  • Self-acceptance: accept that you are your own person and do not need anyone to complete it. There will always be people better than you in some things, but you must discover your own strengths and be proud of them. Accept, also, your flaws; being knowledgeable about them will make you stronger and wiser.
  • Strengthen your virtues: if there is something that you like a lot and you think you are good at it, take the opportunity to reinforce it. You do not have to be the best, to be happy you just have to be aware that your strengths make you more interesting. Learn more about the things that interest you and soon you will discover that they bring you motivation and serenity.
  • Dedicate time to your passions: work and studies, as we have said, are usually the main reason why sometimes we do not enjoy the smallest things. It does not matter if you like to write, draw, paint, exercise or anything else, spend at least one hour of your day doing these activities. Maybe at first it will be difficult for you to concentrate and do not stop thinking about the work you should be doing, but give yourself time; Being patient with yourself is one of the keys to be happy in life and to be happy alone.
  • Meditate: if you think that meditation is something that does not go with you, you are very wrong. The truth is that meditation is just a great tool to find inner peace, relax and discover how valuable your time is. If you have never meditated before, dedicate a few minutes of your day to this exercise to start getting used to it and soon you will notice how good it feels to have a time of silence and tranquility for you. This article on How to learn to meditatecan be very useful if you are a beginner.
  • Enjoy your friends: being happy alone does not mean you should be away from society. On the contrary, spending time with your friends and your friends will help you to distract you, discover new passions and adventures and teach you to communicate more effectively and redefine your values.
  • Identify your goals: you may think that ambition is bad, but to a certain extent, ambition is very necessary. Ask yourself what your dreams are, discover where you would like to come to life and elaborate a plan that allows you to advance to this goal.

How to be happy as a couple

It is very difficult that you manage to feel completely happy with a couple if you are not happy with yourself first. Therefore, it is essential that you become aware of the advice we gave you in the previous section. Remember that you are your own person and no one can complete you; you do not need anyone to be happy. However, spending your life with a companion or a traveling companion who understands and supports you can be magnificent. If you want to discover how to be happy in life and how to be happy as a couple, read the following recommendations:

  • Communicate: One of the big problems in relationships today is that couples do not communicate honestly. Communicating does not mean constantly talking, it means being able to transmit problems, doubts and fears with calmness and respect. If you have a problem with your partner or something worries you, do not ignore it and think that it will be solved alone or that it is not worth trying to fix it; communicate with your partner so you can find a joint solution.
  • The power of trust: to be able to enjoy a healthy and balanced relationship, trust cannot be lacking. Trust yourself and your partner too; understands that a relationship is a decision and a commitment between two people and few things show love as much as honesty.
  • Take care of the relationship: it does not matter if you have been dating for a month or have been together for ten years, so that a relationship stays strong you must take care of it. Your partner should be your best friend, so enjoy your illusions, your achievements and your trips so that fun is always present. One way to take care of the relationship is to surprise the couple, so bet on intimate and fun moments away from the routine of each day. Remember that, sometimes, small and unexpected things can be the carriers of the greatest happiness.
  • Dedicate time only to yourself: although it sounds paradoxical, to discover how to be happy in life and how to be happy as a couple, you must learn to be alone. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean spending the day together doing the same things. In fact, this is one of the big mistakes that couples make, since they end up creating a toxic, repetitive and boring dynamic. Dedicate time to your passions and your loneliness, because as we said in the previous section, it is important that you strengthen what makes you happy. If you want, you can later share it with your partner and explain new things.
  • Stay with your friends: your partner is your best friend is something fabulous, but if your partner is your only friend is that something is not right. Stay with your friends and your friends, enjoy their company and let your partner do the same, because although having a group of friends together can be fun, it isalso important that you have your own friendship circles. This will give you more freedom, will give you knew points of view and will allow you to embark on new adventures.

How to be happy every day: tricks to be happy

We live in a society in which we are made to believe that success is linked to happiness. That is, a person who has a good position in your company, who earns a lot of money per month or who has obtained many awards or university degrees is much happier than the rest. Although it is clear that professional success always helps us to have more confidence and confidence in ourselves, what would happen if all these achievements disappeared from our lives? Would we stop being happy?

If you want to know how to be happy in life and how to be happy every day of your life, you must forget the big long-term goals and focus a little more on small details that you may not have taken into account. In reality, and as you will discover, it is the smallest things in our attitude and our day to day that can significantly change the course of our lives. These are some fundamental and effective tricks to be happy:

  • Ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes: ego and pride are great enemies of happiness. Like any human being, you have your shortcomings and the only thing that can make you wiser is to be aware of them. Get used to asking for forgiveness when you’re wrong and you’ll discover how something so small can fill you with satisfaction.
  • Always give thanks: with this advice, we do not just refer to the act of thanking others when they do things for you, although this is also important. Be grateful with your life. Realize how lucky you are to be able to live, to be able to enjoy small pleasures and to have people around you who love you and care about you. Of course, you may feel miserable and decayed at certain times, but do not let this stop you from being a grateful person.
  • Ask for help: this recommendation is very much linked to the previous advice. If you feel sad constantly, depressed, unmotivated or away from the person you used to be and your friends, ask for help. It may be difficult for you to take the step, but keep in mind that you should not give up the pleasure of being well. If you do not see yourself ready to ask for help from a professional, ask your friends or family for help to keep you company and show you that you are not alone. This article on when I should go to the psychologistcan help you better identify some of your problems.
  • Even if you’re right, do not make a mountain of a grain of sand: do not magnify things, do not dramatize situations and be realistic. Sometimes we drown in a glass of water or we get carried away by sudden feelings that, soon after, embarrass us or confuse us. Take things slowly, think twice before acting and rationalize things.
  • Try to eat calmly: this is a simple and obvious but fundamental trick that we sometimes forget. Eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life, so even if you have a lot of work and you think you do not have enough time, take a break and allow yourself to enjoy the food calmly; you will feel better about the food and you will find yourself in more optimal conditions to work.

I want to be happy and I can not

Many times, when we have personal and / or professional aspirations, we press ourselves to achieve success as soon as possible and to be better than others. If you believe that something inside prevents you from being happy despite your desires and your efforts, do not miss the following tips:

  • Do not be too demanding: having ambitions is good, but you should avoid pushing yourself to the point of harming your mental health. Understand that there are things that will need time and patience, so allow yourself breaks and do not overdo it, because that will only stop you from being happy with life.
  • Set realistic goals: setting a goal is not enough. If you think that by having set goals and started walking towards them you should be happy, you’re wrong. You must consider how realistic your goals are, for too complex or improbable dreams will only frustrate and discourage you. Start to consider closer goals and smaller objectives and, as you progress, you can modify your expectations.
  • Be patient: as we have said, patience is one of the keys to happiness. Happiness, like inspiration, do not appear alone one day by magic, but have to take care and work. Fight day after day to acquire the habit of changing things that make you happier and internalize it progressively.
  • Stay away from toxic people: keep in mind that the people around you will always have some influence on you. Identifying toxic people is very complex, so we are aware of how difficult it can be to deal with and get away from these individuals. Here are some tricks to make this easier for you.

How to deal with toxic people

When we are somewhat down we tend to ask ourselves some questions: “How can I be happy if I am alone?” “Why do I want to be happy and I cannot?” Once you have analyzed your own feelings and have modified some elements of your day to day, look at the people around you. Many times, although we are not aware, our insecurity and our fear lead us to surround ourselves with toxic people who do not bring us anything positive.

Keep in mind that when we talk about toxic people we do not only refer to sentimental couples. You may have toxic friends or friends, acquaintances or toxic work colleagues, toxic family members, etc. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be alone than badly accompanied” and, even if it costs you to get away from people who have been around you for some time, you should try to get away from them. To be truly happy, it is important that you accept solitude as a good companion and that you have in your life people who make you feel more positive, motivated and happy. If you suspect that someone around you is toxic and you feel that your company is beginning to harm your well-being, do not hesitate to ask a specialist for help to guide you and help you.


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