How to avoid breast cancer by exercising


Surely you already know that exercise keeps your heart and mind in perfect condition.

“Actually just exercising 3 or more hours per week the risk is reduced by 30 percent” For starters, exercise is a powerful anti-inflammatory (many experts consider cancer to be an inflammatory disease).

In addition to this, physical activity helps to stimulate your immune system, thus strengthening your defenses so that they can eliminate any suspicious cells.

Also, doing some type of sport accelerates the system that transports glucose to the muscles of your body.

That is to say that training you on a daily basis will cause your insulin and glucose levels to remain low in the bloodstream, thus reducing the chances of you suffering from breast cancer as well as type 2 diabetes.

Another recent study found that sweating is a great help to your body, since it can get rid of the unnecessary estrogen in your body, making the chances that you have to develop a tumor decrease.

Research has found that exercise is so protective that even women who are at high risk for this disease, tend to develop cancer almost reaching old age.

So exactly how much sport should you do?

”The more you do, the more protected you will be!”

Try to find a schedule in which you feel comfortable to exercise, to be able to do it regularly. Ideally, you train 5 times a week, but as stated above with 3 hours per week will be enough.

The key is that you regulate the levels of your routines and your efforts (some days train very hard and others do something more calm).

“You do not have to take this as a kind of medication, you can make the exercise something unique and beautiful that will also help you prevent this horrible disease .”

Now that you know how to avoid breast cancer, will you exercise more often?


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