How to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight


Metabolism is a series of physical and chemical reactions that the body carries out to transform food into energy. Let’s see how to accelerate the metabolism to lose weight. It is possible to lose weight by accelerating metabolism through exercise and healthy eating.

What is the metabolism

What is metabolism? Metabolism is the set of physical chemical processes, and biochemical reactions that occur in the body at the cellular level. These reactions and processes occur in cells and are the basis of life, since they allow cellular activities.

What is metabolism? Metabolism is the set of physical chemical processes, and biochemical reactions that occur in the body at the cellular level. These reactions and processes occur in cells and are the basis of life, since they allow cellular activities.

When eating a food, our digestive system breaks them down with enzymes. Foods are broken down in such a way that fats are converted into fatty acids, carbohydrates into simple sugars, and proteins into amino acids. The blood is responsible for bringing all these compounds to the blood, where they are distributed throughout the body, feeding the cells. In cells, other enzymes are responsible for transforming (metabolizing) in the form of energy.

What it means to accelerate the metabolism

What happens when we eat more than our body needs? When more food is ingested than the body needs, it is stored in the form of fat.

Muscle tissue needs more calories to maintain itself than fat. Therefore, the more muscle tissue (and less fat), the faster our metabolism will be.

Tips to accelerate metabolism and lose weight

Here we leave you a series of tips that you can aim to accelerate your metabolism. Genetics plays an important role here. There are people who do not need to do anything to have an accelerated and active metabolism. However, other people need a little help, a “nudge” to the metabolism to activate it and be able to lose weight (or not get fat) more easily.

Tips to accelerate the metabolism

Avoid Trans fats

This type of fat does not contribute anything good to our body. If you want to have an active metabolism and lose weight it is important that you avoid this type of fat as much as possible.

Take thermogenic foods

Thermogenesis is the ability of the body to generate internal heat, using energy consumed by metabolism. Thermogenic foods are those that generate this heat and help us burn fat, lose weight, and activate the metabolism. Some thermogenic foods are spicy, green tea, coffee or ginger.

What to take to speed up the metabolism

Another frequent question when trying to speed up metabolism is: What can I take? All right. Let’s clarify a false myth about calories. It is not the same to eat two buns, than to eat two steaks with a salad. To accelerate the metabolism you should NOT stop eating, on the contrary, you have to eat healthy foods that provide nutrients.

If we eliminate too many calories from our diet, we will lose weight, but slowing down the metabolism. The problem with this is the rebound effect, the body will accumulate in the form of fat what it can, because it interprets a period of scarcity.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight by accelerating your metabolism, you should eat healthy, and be able to do 5 or 6 meals a day (not too abundant), thus avoiding being too many hours followed by fasting.

Drinks to accelerate the metabolism

Tea is one of the drinks that can help us speed up the metabolism.

Tea to accelerate the metabolism

Green tea, in addition to its antioxidant properties, helps us to accelerate metabolism. This is due to its thermogenic properties.

Accelerate the metabolism with exercises and feeding

The most correct way to accelerate metabolism is through the combination of diet and exercise. In a previous point we mentioned that you should make 5 or 6 meals a day, without them being too copious, to keep the metabolism active.

These meals cannot be any way, they should always be healthy foods, full of nutrients, always avoiding all that can be precooked and processed foods, since many of them contain saturated fats, such as palm oil. Proteins should be included in the diet. Proteins help build muscle tissue and provide energy.

If we change the sweet breakfast (coffee with milk and sugar, with toast with butter and jam), for an orange juice, with toasted whole with oil and tomato, accompanied by a piece of cottage cheese (for example), or an egg Cooked. We are including proteins in our breakfast, in addition to reducing sugar and fats. We will have less hunger during the morning, we will spend energy and this will help us lose weight.

Proteins can also be supplemented, for example, with shakes, but it is always good to consult a nutrition expert or doctor before taking them.

Exercises to accelerate the metabolism

Which exercise is the best to speed up the metabolism? Which one would you recommend? HIIT. The interval training high intensity (High Intensity Interval Training) is the best we can do to lose weight quickly and activate our metabolism.

Almost any exercise can be divided, such as running. If we run and alternate sprint periods in the race, this exercise becomes interval.

In the same way, some fashion training programs, such as the Zumba, for example, are also interval training, since they alternate songs with different rhythmic intensities.

A class of Indoor Cycle (Spinning), can be interval when alternate different speeds and loads.

It is always good to combine cardio with toning exercises.

Foods to accelerate the metabolism

Some foods can help us speed up metabolism. One type of these foods that activate our metabolism are spicy foods. These foods have a great thermogenic power, in addition to being beneficial for our health.


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