Heel Spurs – Treatment with folk treatments


The calcaneal spur is one of the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and is characterized by severe pain in the heel and the inability to fully step on the aching leg. According to medical research, this disease affects mainly women, they account for 80% of all patients

The main symptom determining the presence of the disease is a sharp pain in the heel, comparable to that of stepping on a needle or nail. In principle, this is the case, because the heel spur is an outgrowth in the form of a spine. The main reasons for the growth of the calcaneal spur may be different in each case. In some, this disease develops due to flat feet, others – this is the result of the transferred infectious diseases. The growth of the heel spur can be caused by traumatization of the calcaneus, excess body weight is an additional factor aggravating the situation. It hurts not the calcaneal spur itself, painful sensations create an inflammatory process that develops in the plantar aponeurosis, traumatized by the heel spur. Folk treatment of calcaneal spur in most cases, relieves pain and brings relief.

Having a spur does not necessarily mean disease. Sometimes, it is found on an X-ray in a person who has never experienced discomfort and pain. In this case, the presence of outgrowth is determined by the anatomical individuality of a person and is explained by the peculiarities of its metabolism.

The calcaneal spur is defined easily and does not require complicated devices for diagnosis. A person experiences strong characteristic pains in the heel area, an X-ray is taken to confirm the diagnosis and the patient is treated accordingly. The launched form requires surgery, but in the early stages, conservative treatment can be used to relieve inflammation and swelling of soft tissues. If you have a heel spur, treatment with folk treatments will definitely help, the main thing is not to start the process and be persistent in your desire to defeat the ailment.

Folk treatment of heel spur – express method

If the pain is not chronic and arose quite recently, the following treatment method can be used.

• Give up on time from uncomfortable shoes, slippers, moccasins and shoes with high heels. To wear during all time of treatment it is necessary convenient sneakers with a supinator or to put in footwear special insoles, with a deepening under a heel spike.
• Every 2-3 hours, lubricate the affected area of the foot with a warming balm or ointment. Perfectly suitable balm for the body “Golden mustache with a saber” or ointment based on bee venom.
Folk treatment of the calcaneal spur involves performing light physical exercises that help to develop a painful leg. Walk around the room first on the toe, then on the inside of the foot, and then on the outside. Do not overreach your leg, the load should be moderate.

Heel spur: treatment with folk treatments of chronic form

If your illness has already passed into a chronic form, try not to load your legs unnecessarily. The disease has an inflammatory character and, therefore, its treatment needs to be approached in a comprehensive manner. Tempered, do gymnastics and be sure to conduct a complete examination of the body. To provoke the origin of the calcaneal spur may be different factors, for effective treatment it is necessary to establish the root cause.

As a popular treatment for the heel spurs, it is recommended to use warm foot baths, compresses and massage, perform exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the foot, shins and soles. If the pain becomes unbearable, you must observe bed rest.

Foot baths and compresses

Mix 1 tbsp. spoon of sunflower oil with 50 grams of ammonia. Dampen the cotton napkin in the solution and put it on the sore spot. Do daily for 1-2 months.

Dissolve 1 tablet of analgin and mix with a small amount of iodine. With a cotton swab, apply the resulting solution to the heel, repeat as necessary.

In a water bath, dissolve 5 g of mummy and 100 g of honey, cool. Rub the mixture overnight in a sore spot.

Tie burdock or plantain to the heel, you can pour it into the toe of pepper. Plantain and burdock will remove the inflammation, and the pepper will warm up the sore spot.

Folk treatment of the calcaneal spur offers one more treatment that perfectly removes the inflammatory process. Make a foot bath: mix a glass of your own urine with 0.5 liters of warm water. Keep your leg in a solution for 20 minutes, then blot and put on warm socks.

You can make foot baths by adding salt to water – 3 tbsp. spoons per liter of water. Keep your feet in hot saline for half an hour, then wipe and put on woolen socks.

If you suffer from a calcaneal spur, treatment with folk treatments includes another way: pass a black radish through the meat grinder, apply the mixture overnight to a sore spot. The effect is usually visible after 3 procedures.

Folk treatment of heel spur with the help of tinctures

Lilac tincture
Dry lilac flowers – 1 part, vodka – 10 parts, pour in, let it infuse for 10 days, drain. A teaspoonful of the resulting mixture should be diluted with a small amount of water and taken 2 times a day, as well as rubbing the sore spot.

Tincture of saber marsh
Sold in ready form in the pharmacy. Take the drug before meals 3 times a day, diluting 1 tbsp. spoon in a small amount of cool water.

Tincture of pine nuts
20 g of chopped pine nuts fill with 200 g of vodka and let it brew for 7-8 days. Drink a tablespoon before meals 3 times a day.

If you suffer from a calcaneal spur, treatment with folk treatments will help alleviate the pain and relieve the severity of the disease. If the pain does not pass, be sure to consult a doctor, do not bring the disease to a chronic stage.


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