Health benefits of Mandarin Oranges


Mandarins are fruits of mandarin tree, the size of which is slightly less than orange . These fruits consist of pulp, fiber and juice and have a characteristic taste and aroma.

Unlike oranges, tangerines are much easier to peel.

You can eat whole mandarins or prepare juices and salads from them. In addition, they are used for desserts and cocktails. Many of us are familiar with mandarin jam and jam.

These citrus are great for a healthy snack. The fact is that most of the composition of mandarins falls on water.

At the same time they are low in sugar and calories. So, 100 grams of mandarins contain only 53 kilocalories. As for other nutrients contained in mandarins, it should be noted cellulose, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin E, folate and vitamin A.

As you have noticed, the nutritional value of tangerines is quite high. Many of the nutrients contained in them are important for our body.

Today we would like to talk more about this topic. We will share with you 6 strong arguments in favor of regularly eating these fruits.

1. Contain vitamin C

If you want to eat less sugars, pay attention to these fruits. Less sugars than mandarins contain only oranges. The taste and aroma of tangerines will bring variety to your diet, and your body will get the necessary amount of vitamin C.

  • Ascorbic acid performs many functions in the human body , for example, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and accelerates the healing of wounds.
  • Vitamin C is necessary to maintain the health of our bones and teeth, as well as the proper assimilation of iron.
  • On the other hand, vitamin C is involved in the production of collagen and carotene.

Carotene is a chemical compound that accelerates the oxidation of fatty acids and energy production.

Thanks to this feature of carotene, we are able to maintain a good figure, because in this case in our body chemical processes are triggered, dissolving adipose tissue.

2. Help in the treatment of cancer

Free radicals, these reactive molecules, are capable of disturbing the natural cellular processes in the human body. The cause of this can be malnutrition, excessive physical exercise, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol and medication and other factors.

Because of this, the body is faced with premature aging and disorders in the work of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

The vitamins C and E contained in mandarins, carotenes and flavonoids can neutralize these oxidative processes , which is a good prevention of the appearance of cancer cells.

According to some studies, these vitamins can improve the condition of patients after the previous chemotherapy and radiotherapy, used to treat certain types of cancer (for example, lung, stomach and prostate cancer).

3. Treat anemia

With regard to nutrient deficiencies in the human body, it is anemia that is one of the most common disorders worldwide related to nutritional deficiencies .

Anemia develops as a result of a decrease in the production of hemoglobin, a substance responsible for the transport of oxygen through the blood to the cells of the body.

In order for this process to be carried out properly, a person needs iron.

  • Contained in mandarins, vitamin C improves the absorption of iron by the intestine.
  • According to some scientific studies, only 25-75 mg. vitamin C are capable of two or even three times increase the amount of iron absorbed together with food, transforming this mineral as necessary.
  • This substance reacts with phytates (special nutrient inhibitors), resulting in less insoluble compounds and increased absorption of iron, which allows curing anemia.

4. Useful in pregnancy

Mandarins are sources of folic acid (vitamin B9). This nutrient microelement at the cellular level contributes to the formation of tissues and stimulates the production of red blood cells.

In addition, folic acid is involved in the formation of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) and in the development of the nervous system.

  • All this is especially important in pregnancy and in the children’s years of life. That is why vitamin B9 must be present in any healthy and balanced diet.

5. Sweet potassium source

Potassium is a necessary mineral, performing important functions in the human body: it is involved in the regulation of the fluid balance in the human body, and is also involved in the work of the musculature, nervous system and kidneys.

Also, potassium is able to stabilize some blood pressure indicators.

It is especially difficult to do without potassium to athletes. Thanks to him, they manage to protect their body from dehydration, make up for the loss of minerals lost during sports, and reduce the risk of injury.

Mandarins contain a lot of water and potassium . Therefore, these citruses are great for replenishing lost electrolytes and glucose. This has a positive effect on a person’s physical endurance.

6. Fight with uric acid and infections

Due to the high content of water, citric acid and potassium, mandarins have diuretic and alkalinizing properties. This helps fight infections and stimulates the removal of purines.

As is known, purines are organic compounds, in a large number capable of causing hyperuricemia and gout . It is because of the purines in our joints that uric acid begins to be deposited.

As you managed to notice, tangerines hide in themselves many properties useful for our health. Well, you already wanted to make these amazing fruits an integral part of your diet?


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