Good health depends on a good night’s sleep


Sleep is one of the main factors to keep you healthy, although do not believe, sleep well, is the key to having a productive day, be in a good mood and good attitude to face our daily tasks, which logically provides us with well-being.

Getting enough sleep is as necessary for the body as healthy eating, it will help us to have a better mental functioning and even fight diseases. You need many hours of sleep to recover from the stress experienced during the day, most adults need about 7 or 8 hours, while others need 9 hours a night, sleep less than this time will cause negative effects on your health .

Currently, because of the busy life we ​​have, it is very likely that it will be difficult for us to get to sleep, a busy schedule does not allow you enough sleep, whether work or social activities, if the environment to sleep is uncomfortable (noise, light, heat or cold ); if you have phones and tablets interrupt your sleep due to the noises that they emit during the night; health problems are another cause for which your sleep is likely to be interrupted and you cannot have a deep sleep, also some medicine, all this prevents an ideal rest.

When we go to rest, we must put aside all the problems, prepare a few minutes before going to sleep, doing passive activities, which will guide us towards tranquility, for example, read a book, do yoga or just take a bath or hot drink, are some feasible options.

When not getting enough sleep, there is a greater risk of suffering from a disease such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, infections, depression and anxiety, it is well known that a single night of sleeplessness is enough to assess the sleep, the discomfort that causes in the body, not enough rest, makes us love so basic need.

The dream is so important in our lives, so essential, that even your day is celebrated, that’s right, every March 15 is the World Sleep Day , so do not take it lightly, respect your hours to take a restful sleep, since it is fundamental to maintain a physical and mental balance in your life.


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