Glycerin for the skin around the eyes as an effective moisturizer


Glycerin is a drug product that is a colorless, viscous, sweet taste liquid. It is used in various spheres of human life, but resourceful women have found it use in home cosmetology. It turns out that it is an excellent moisturizing and rejuvenating agent. Therefore, those who regularly use glycerin for the skin around the eyes, do not know what bags and dark circles are in the morning, and have long forgotten about “crow’s feet . ” At home, you can easily and quickly prepare cosmetic masks with this unusual, unique substance that will gently and gently take care of the sensitive skin around the eyes. We learn to do it competently

The Magic Properties of Glycerin

Absolutely all the masks around the eyes with glycerin have a pronounced moisturizing effect. This is due to the formation of a film on the skin, which reliably prevents evaporation of moisture from the cells. This natural barrier creates just glycerol. In chemistry, it is considered an alcohol, is a constituent of all kinds of fats and oils. This drug can be purchased at any pharmacy: it is inexpensive, it is dispensed without a prescription. It is even actively used in the industrial cosmetic industry as part of various moisturizing masks and face creams. And all because glycerin is capable of:

  • Effectively moisturize : this substance perfectly absorbs moisture from the environment and draws it to the skin, which saves it from dryness and peeling;
  • In a short time to smooth the skin: even the smallest wrinkles, due to abundant moisturizing, are filled with moisture, resulting in less pronounced, as before;
  • Qualitatively treat : this is a real medical product, and, according to many studies, creams and masks with glycerin for the face eliminate dryness, treat eczema of the skin without any consequences and side effects inherent in traditional treatment;
  • Protects reliably : the uppermost layer of the skin, treated with glycerin, becomes inaccessible to toxins, contaminants, microbes.
Proceeding from all these useful properties for almost any type of skin, you can use glycerin against wrinkles around the eyes, from ptosis (this is when the upper eyelid drops down under the weight of age), from dryness and peeling, bags and dark circles.

This gentle and sensitive area of the face always requires special care, and I must say that glycerin copes with this task “perfectly” – see for yourself. But before you study at home with such experiments, study in detail the rules how to handle glycerin for cosmetic purposes.


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