Five Treatments for helping with toothache


These Treatments will help to reduce Toothache


TRY to prepare a special tooth elixir – in a glass of water, dissolve a teaspoon of salt and add 5-6 drops of iodine. Such a solution reduces irritation around the tissues of the teeth and relieves edema. Rinse can alleviate your condition if the pain is caused by inflammation of the soft periodontal tissues or stuck in the teeth with food remnants.


REPLY in the towel a few ice cubes and attach to the cheek. The cold narrows the vessels and reduces the swelling of the tissues.

Very often on the cheek from the patient’s tooth impose warming bandages. This should not be done, even if the pain subsides after the procedure. Heat only aggravates the inflammation.

Tooth drops

FOR ONE SMALL piece of cotton wool, 1-2 tooth drops are applied and applied to the sick tooth. Included in the elixir of camphor and tincture of valerian can quickly soothe the pain.Peppermint oil and cloves are proven antiseptic agents. They are good if the toothache is caused by infection.

Hand massage

MASS the base of the thumb on the palm side or the gap between the thumb and forefinger from the back. This massage affects the special points that regulate pain.


Keep a small amount of vodka or cognac in your mouth. Alcohol is an anesthetic of reflex action. Of course, he will not cure a sick tooth, but “to forget and fall asleep” will help. And the last.You can, of course, apply a fresh unsalted fat to the sick tooth or tie the garlic to the wrist, but still the strength of the action of the people’s methods is incomparable with the anesthetics.

If you have a swollen cheek, the fever has risen, or after the extraction of the tooth in the hole bleeding has opened, forget about self-treatment, call for an ambulance.


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