Fish oil – Benefits For Skin


Fish oil is an indispensable folk treatment. It helps to improve the appearance and enrichment with a full set of vitamins, which is rich in fish oil. It is used not only for the preparation of masks, but also for internal reception, thanks to which all toxins that cause acne are removed from the body. Fish oil for the face and its benefits:

  • suitable for all skin types;

  • an ideal component for young girls and women in their ages;

  • effectively smoothes wrinkles;

  • nourishes the skin of the face;

  • improves appearance;

  • normalizes the hormonal background and metabolic processes;

  • tones up.

A popular mask recipe is prepared on the basis of capsular fish oil, for this it is enough to arm yourself with a syringe and fully pull out the contents of the capsule, and then apply a thin layer of fat to the problem areas (forehead, chin, eyes).


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