Facial Care Tips


There are quite a few ways to look after the face of the house without resorting to the use of cream, tonics, scrubs and other cosmetic products. Folk treatments are a unique opportunity for the face skin to have a good rest from chemistry and to rejuvenate. Few people know how to improve the skin condition at home correctly. Before you begin to apply funds prepared by yourself at home, you need to remember a few important rules for skin care. Facial care tips:

  1. Ingredients for masks, scrubs and lotions should always be fresh.
  2. Before application it is necessary to completely clean the face of make-up.
  3. Do not use foods high in vitamin C for dry skin types, such ingredients are acceptable only for greasy person.
  4. To wash off the masks prepared by own hands, it is necessary warm water. Masks based on vegetable and aromatic oils do not need to be washed off, enough to get wet with a dry paper towel.
  5. The skin around the eyes is very thin, for this area, before using the home mask, use fatty creams.
  6. To improve the face skin turgor use products with a high water content.

Recipes for the beauty of Aphrodite have long been a secret, many of them are transmitted from generation to generation, and their preparation takes only a few minutes. Thanks to the universal components and a proven formula, it is possible to give the skin a healthy appearance, increase its elasticity, get rid of rashes, rejuvenate the epithelium. For folk recipes, nothing is impossible. Which of them are very popular among the beauties of our time?


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