Exercises to tone glutes that you MUST do


Do you want to have toned buttocks and be the envy of all?

You will need a pair of dumbbells (use between 5 and 14 kg of weight) for this fast training. These are the exercises to tone buttocks that will give you the best results.

Remember that it is very important to always stay active and not stop doing physical activity, as this has its consequences.

Get ready to sweat!

Dead weight to stiff legs

Areas that work: glutes, back thighs and lower back. 

How to do it:

With both legs almost in a straight line, lower the upper body to pick up a pair of dumbbells from the floor, obviously one supporting one on each side.

Keep the dumbbells as close to the legs as you can while gently lifting yourself until you are fully erect.

Go back to the starting position and repeat it.

Jumps lifting dead weight with one leg

That is a great jumping exercise for the glutes, however, they are an incredibly difficult movement because it requires a lot of balance.

They are however a great one-sided exercise that will help improve your balance and strength of the midsection as well as the power of the glutes and stability of the hip.

While beginners may need to do it with only one leg that does not include the jump, if you have enough strength and balance in the middle section, you can do this hip hinge movement with a small jump.

To make the one leg jump, stand on one foot with the toe of your other foot just touching the ground lightly.

Then bend over your standing leg, pushing your butt back while you lean forward and lift the other leg towards the wall behind you.

Keep your back flat and concentrate on squeezing your buttocks as you swing your arm on the same side of your leg with your foot back and bring your opposite arm forward to help balance you.


Areas that work: lower part, thighs. 

How to do it:

Hold a weight with each hand and bend the knees, pushing your buttocks out behind you until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Always keep your chest facing forward and not down.

Push to be able to stand up and stand fully, REMEMBER that the strength must come from the heels and not from the tip of the feet, that is to say pull the weight of your body must be back and not forward.

Go back to the starting position and repeat it.

Skateboard jumps

Building strong and powerful glutes also means including some jumping or sprinting exercises in your training routine.

If you cannot go out and run stairs or in the hills, you can get a great glute workout to develop a powerful butt using skateboard jumps.

They are a great exercise to work your glutes, while also improving your lateral stabilization capacity.

They will improve your balance and strength of the middle section while also getting the blood to pump and the legs to sit.

To make skateboard jumps, make sure you have enough space to jump from side to side.

To do this, start standing at the side of the space you have to use.

If you start on the right side of the space, you will start standing on your right leg.

Change your weight so that you are standing on your right foot as you sink a little squat and swing your arms down in front of you and out to the right.

As you land on your left leg, sink back into a squat position, pushing your butt back so that you squeeze your buttocks to help you jump right again.

Your arms should also turn to the left to help you not only balance yourself, but also to help you jump back.

Then, push the left leg and jump to the right, landing on your right foot and squat down again.

Lunge with Jump

Areas that work: lower part, thighs. 

How to do it:

Stand with your feet together and hold a dumbbell with each hand. Take a long step forward with one leg. Slowly bend both legs at a right angle, making your back knee almost touch the floor.

Jump up as high as you can and change the position of your legs in the air.

Land gently with the back foot, that is, changing the position and repeat it.

Step down

The steps up are a popular exercise for buttocks and legs, but they may not be the best step exercise if you really want to isolate and work each leg and really focus on your buttocks.

To make the step down, start standing on a bench or a box.

Stand near the edge so that you can lower it to the side with one foot. The larger the box you use, the greater the range of motion you can make.

You can also decrease the range of motion if you are still not strong enough using a lower box or if you do not sink completely.

You do not want to go too low and end up putting your foot on the ground so you can push yourself back.

Stand near the edge of the bench with the other foot to the right to the side or hanging, slowly lean forward sitting your butt back as you drop your foot on the side down towards the floor.

Keeping your back flat, push your butt backward as you bend your knee upright to drop your foot to the ground.

Swinging legs in two directions

Using a bench and getting up off the ground can allow you to work your glutes to a greater range of motion.

The use of the bench also allows you to do a straight leg raise backwards and a leg raise to the side in an exercise to work the three glute muscles.

To do the 2-way leg swing, place one knee and both hands on a bench with the knee below the hips and the hands below the shoulders.

Your other leg will be outside next to the bank.

Keeping your arms straight, squeeze your middle section and then lift the right bench leg to the side.

Keep your leg straight while you raise it and do not bend, or bend your elbows or bend to try to lift higher.

Squeeze your gluten to lift the leg up and out to the side.

Lower and then lift the same straight leg towards the wall behind you.

Again, squeeze your gluteus to lift your leg out behind you and extend your hip.

Keep your middle section tight and do not extend the lower back or twist your hips open only to raise the leg higher.

Lower and repeat the lateral lift with the same leg. Do not bend your arms. You want to move from the hip and use your gluteus.

Repeat the straight leg backwards after lifting to the side. Complete all the repetitions on one side before changing.


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