Exercise when you’re trying to get pregnant


Adopting the habit of exercising regularly before becoming pregnant has been proven to have benefits for increasing both fertility and ovulation, as well as strengthening the body for normal pregnancy and delivery.

Additionally, research has also proven that exercise is something beneficial for women who are not able to conceive due to the high body mass index and the polycystic ovaries.

Regular training greatly helps the body lose weight after pregnancy.

Can I exercise while I’m trying to get pregnant?

Exercising while you are trying to get pregnant is perhaps the healthiest way to ensure a smooth pregnancy.

The changes your body will go through will become much simpler if you are in the habit of regular training and a certain level of physical conditioning.

Keep in mind that although hard exercise is an advantage to your health, it can also be an obstacle.

Recent studies have shown that exceeding the body can injure and stress it excessively.

Overworking the body will only deplete your tissues of the necessary nutrition that may impede your role as an active mother because your body is not able to cope with stress and pressure.

How can exercise help while you are trying to get pregnant?

Regular exercise is recommended for women who are trying to conceive or those who are suffering from additional primary / secondary infertility to those who are already pregnant.

It reduces stress

Physical activity eliminates negative energy and minimizes physical stress, and also helps induce a feeling of well-being in women.

It keeps the body away from unhealthy habits such as overeating, alcohol and cigar consumption, etc.

Exercise also helps restore the hormonal balance by decreasing the risk of obesity and optimizing fertility.

Maintain a regular weight

Many studies have associated obesity with infertility, hormonal disorders and abortions.

The fact is that obesity compromises your health during pregnancy and also decreases your chances of getting pregnant, which is why maintaining a regular weight is necessary for women who are trying to conceive.

Adopting cardio and strengthening exercises can be useful for overweight women.

Sleep better

You may find it difficult to associate sleep problems with infertility or pregnancy problems, but the fact is that women who are sleep deprived are more prone to infertility or hormonal problems.

Exercise, especially in the mornings, can help your body stay active throughout the day and change low energy levels at night to induce a natural sleep.

Recommended exercises while you are trying to conceive

Here are some common exercises that are recommended for women who are trying to conceive

You can choose the ones that suit you best.


Walking is the best and simplest way to stay healthy. You do not need any special preparation for walking or a strict training program to keep you going.

It helps you lose unnecessary weight and keeps unwanted stress away from you.


Running improves circulation throughout the body. Running excessively, however, can be harmful to your menstrual cycle, especially if you are depending on the natural ways to get pregnant.

So stay away from running if it makes you feel excessively tired.

Ride a bike

This is a fun and easy way to have a low impact cardio workout. It helps to lose weight and increases muscle tone, especially in the area of ​​muscles which is very useful during childbirth.


This is an exercise without impact, which is the best for all stages of pregnancy because it helps tone your muscles and provides strength to your entire body.

Adopt the habit of going around the pool a few times every day.

It is also very useful to reduce pain and discomfort in the last days of pregnancy.


Yoga is an excellent way to maintain a healthy balance between mental health as well as physical health.

Regular yoga helps pregnancy, the birth and the period delivery post in a more efficient manner.


Pilates can strengthen the muscles of the center of your body.

It also involves working both the mind and the body to adopt a healthy balance between the two and use the core muscles of your body to maintain certain postures.

It is useful to increase muscle mobility and stretch for pregnancy and delivery.


Regular weight lifting is beneficial not only for the upper abdominal region but also for the muscles of the legs, because it tones the muscles to support effort and weight.

But do not overdo it because it can cause a problem in the hormonal cycle which disturbs your menstrual cycle and prevents conception.


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