Cucumber:Benefits for the skin of the face


Cucumber is a natural nutritious serum for the face, rich in vitamins. Because of the high water content, the cucumber is considered a natural absorbent, moisturizer and a storehouse of vitamins (B1, B2, ascorbic, K, iodine, sulfur). That’s why this super-powerful ingredient is used in cosmetology. Than a cucumber for a skin is useful:

  • Has a rejuvenating and restoring effect;

  • Refreshing;

  • Improves the turgor;

  • Has a positive effect on metabolic processes;

  • Removes dark circles under the eyes;

  • Removes puffiness;

  • Tones up;

  • Removes pigment spots.

If you need to get rid of dark circles around the eyes, eliminate pigment spots , cheer up or refresh yourself, you need to use a cucumber for the face in the form of slices or circles. If the face skin is dehydrated, then the mask will always come to the rescue on the basis of grated cucumber or cucumber juice, oatmeal, cottage cheese.


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