Coffee Scrub – Benefits for Skin


For problem skin, coffee scrubs will become a real lifeline on the way to beauty and health. The advantages of this ingredient are quite a lot

  • Source of antioxidants and vitamins;

  • Activates the natural production of collagen;

  • Leads the skin of the face into tones;

  • Improves the appearance;

  • Removes greasy shine;

  • Relieves swelling;

  • Smoothes out age wrinkles.

How to make coffee scrub at home?

To do this, use natural, ground coffee (1 tbsp.), Dry cosmetic clay (1 tbsp.), Olive or flaxseed oil (1 tsp), liquid honey (1 tbsp.). Mix well with dry ingredients along with it, add hot water just boiling and mix well with clay until the consistency reminds sour cream, add liquid ingredients and mix thoroughly again. The mask is applied to the entire surface of the face for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm running water.

Before resorting to coffee cosmetology, you should consult a specialist and make sure that you do not have coffee allergies. After all, like honey, it’s a pretty strong allergen.


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