Better tools to do cardio at home


Cardio is the best ally for anyone who wants to lose those extra kilos. Apart from that, doing cardio is also useful in the muscular definition phase, since it helps us to eliminate the fat around the muscle and therefore to make it look much more defined. But, what happens if we do not want to go to the gym to do cardio? What options we have? Keep reading our little guide to do cardio at home.

Do cardio at home

Running without leaving home

A treadmill is the perfect complement for every runner, since it allows you to exercise from home at any time, whatever the temperature, rain or snow. If you want to buy one of the best treadmills in the market

One of the biggest advantages of home treadmills is that, unlike other materials, they can be folded and stored, for example, under a bed.

Stationary bicycle

If the treadmill is the best friend of the runner, the stationary bike is for all fans of cycling, spinning or cycling routes. The best static bicycle for home is one that meets our expectations and objectives of each athlete. A stationary bike cannot miss at home.

Unlike the treadmill, the static bike takes up much less space without folding, so it is less demanding when it comes to having it always mounted in your small home gym.

More than cardio, power cages and bodybuilding towers

And for the more “pro”, what’s better than having a power cage at home? While it is true that a power cage or muscle building tower is not within reach of all houses, since it needs a few meters of extra space or a free room. But for those fitness fans who have free space at home, a cage is one of the best fitness equipment we can have at home.

What is a muscle building tower?

The bodybuilding towers or abdominal towers, are multifunctional fitness devices that are used to work the entire muscle, using your own body weight. Multifunctional equipment are those that serve to work more than one muscle chain, being especially useful for designing functional training.

The towers of bodybuilding are a more affordable option in terms of space, when it comes to equipping our home gym. Thanks to these towers, you can work your entire body.

But, what are the benefits of having a bodybuilding tower at home? Among the advantages or benefits of having one of these devices in our own home gym, are the following

  • They allow working the whole body in a functional way
  • Reduces and eliminates muscle aches
  • It is not necessary to go to the gym, which saves us traveling time and money
  • You can train at any time, and every day of the week


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