Benefits of running


Going for a run is a fashion activity and every time we see more runners through streets, roads, roads and parks, and there are so many benefits of running that it is worth putting on your shoes and going out to do some running. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that this sport can bring you.

Benefits of running

It reduces the risk of contracting some diseases, such as cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, type II diabetes or some types of cancer. People who practice regular exercise are less likely to suffer from these diseases than people with more sedentary habits.

Running improves physical endurance in a very significant way, strengthening the cardiorespiratory system and avoiding diseases related to the lungs or the heart.

Running makes bones stronger. The practice of running helps increase bone density, getting a strong skeleton and reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Tones the muscles. Another benefit of running is the muscle toning that is achieved, not only exercise the legs, but also tone the abdominals and back, in addition to moving other parts of the body, such as the arms.

Running to lose weight. Running regularly is a complete aerobic exercise that can help us lose weight and eliminate excess fat. Combine the exercise of going for a run with a healthy diet that incorporates thermo genic foods.

Going for a run helps you sleep better. There is no better way to combat sleep problems than with physical exercise, not only will we be more tired at bedtime, but we will also be more relaxed, thanks to the endorphins that the body secretes with exercise.

It controls stress and anxiety. Thanks to the secretion of endorphins mentioned in the previous point, not only sleep better, but also help us to improve problems related to anxiety and stress.

He who starts running cannot stop, this sport gains followers every day, and what do you expect? Go running today!


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