Benefits of Physical activity and Workout


Without feasible physical activity it is impossible to establish an optimal metabolism and metabolism.

Competently built strength training helps to increase muscle mass of the body, and they in turn burn calories much faster than fat itself.

To achieve this result, it is not necessary to attend expensive gyms and fitness centers. Simple exercises can be performed at home, doing sit-ups, push-ups, torsos, lifting and just good work with your hands with dumbbells.

Very well helps with charging from the famous fitness instructor Gillian Michaels . She developed a unique set of exercises, with the regular implementation of which can effectively stimulate metabolism and reduce weight.

When building the optimal physical load, it is important not only to perform certain exercises, but follow the following rules:

  • It is not necessary to carry out large enough loads at once. The body is loaded gradually;
  • categorically you can not starve. An hour and a half before the exercise begins, you need to eat;
  • when performing movements, one must breathe through the nose, since breathing saturates the body with oxygen;
  • Do not need to do the same exercises in the process of physical activity. It is desirable to perform a variety of complexes and on different muscles.

Simple exercises should be done three times a week, gradually bringing them to everyday performance . A competently built scheme will help to quickly improve the metabolism and metabolism.


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