Alzheimer’s treatment with one simple exercise


Alzheimer is one of the most common degenerative diseases worldwide, it usually affects very old people, however there have been cases when people aged 35 to 40 years suffered from this disease. There are many alternatives that we can use to prevent memory loss, among them, maintaining a good diet, but there are others that can be useful, such as daily exercise.

Practical method of preventing Alzheimer’s disease

Mental exercise can help you with Alzheimer’s, because when you use them, your neurons train. Doctors recommend playing Sudoku, dominoes, cards of any type and chess.

But apart from these practical games you can perform this effective exercise, which will save your memory in “integrity and safety”.

It is to lie on the bed, close your eyes and remember everything that you did during the day, from the moment you woke up to the present. Try to remember the places you went to, the people you talked to, the songs you heard, and even what you ate. When you have every scene embodied in your mind, organize it according to the time when it happened.

By doing this, you will notice how your brain starts to work to remember all these situations. Your neurons become faster, and over time these memories will be lost. You should try to perform this exercise every day before going to bed. Another thing that can help you is to keep a kind of diary. In fact, you will do the same thing as the previous action, only this time you will write down your memories in a notebook.

Are there other methods that prevent Alzheimer’s?

Indeed, there are other options that you can take to prevent this degenerative disease, the main one of which is to reverse the diet, that is, to avoid foods containing too much fat, sugar, sweeteners and any chemical that not only hurts the memory, but also represents a great danger to the body at a general level.

A diet rich in vitamin E is necessary to avoid Alzheimer’s disease. This powerful antioxidant is found in foods such as nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, essential oils and broccoli .Also it is necessary to communicate as much as possible, because loneliness is one of the factors that lead to the appearance of this diagnosis.

Exercise is strongly recommended because you not only lose weight and tone your body, but the brain also has a higher level of oxygenation, stimulating cells and neurons.


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