Always try to be a good person


Trying to be a good person, do not forget about yourself. Love yourself, take care of yourself – and your positive attitude will be transferred to others.

Being a good person is not easy. Including because we often do not dare to do good deeds , fearing that we will be considered, to put it mildly, not a very smart person.

Nevertheless, it is important to try to do good deeds, do good deeds whenever possible , although, we repeat, it is not easy.

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But when we succeed, are we not deeply satisfied? After all, we help people.

And, this is without a doubt a very pleasant feeling.

Doing good deeds does not mean being a stupid person

Being a good person does not mean being an unintelligent person. Do not think that we should treat well and those who do not wish us good, who behave badly towards us.

Of course, this is not so. We will give you some tips that will help you not let these people use you.

  • Treat others as they treat you.  If someone does (or tries to) harm you, do you really have to take care of his good?

If we treat such a person as he deserves, this is quite just and right.

  • Do not let the toxic people manipulate themselves.  If you, caring about the feelings of others, do not express your attitude to situations that are unpleasant to you, and tolerate them, there is nothing good in this.

So you can become a victim of manipulators, which can cause you real harm.

  • Do not ever take on the role of a martyr. Perhaps you think that a good person should suffer and put up with situations that are unpleasant to him. This is not true. You are not a “crying wall” and not a person who can always be loaded with other people’s problems.

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Do not think that you should be good even with those who cause or want to harm you. Do not let them do this. You also deserve respect, love and care.

Be a good person and in relation to yourself

“To be good” in relation to other people is good, but not enough. It is important to treat yourself well.

We have repeatedly said that you need to truly love yourself. Only then can we love others. So it is with a good attitude towards people.

And this is closely related to what we discussed above. If you do not want to be used and you were mistaken for an idiot, you need to treat yourself well.

This means that you need to appreciate and respect yourself . And take care, above all, of yourself.

This is not selfishness, but a normal attitude towards oneself. From childhood we are told that it is not good to think of ourselves, that we must first of all think about others.

But this is a wrong approach.

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If you adhere to it, you will eventually tire of humiliation, from lying to you, manipulating you, using you.

You just become a victim.

And you can not stand it for long.   

Being a good person is not easy

What is good and what is bad? What to do in this or that situation, if you aspire to be a good person? It is not easy to answer these questions, and not everyone can answer them correctly. Many learn from their experience, but this process is long and painful.

Here are a few key points that will help clarify these issues.

When necessary, leave

Often we do not dare to leave a loved one, even if he is poisoning our lives. This is a wrong position. If you constantly feel bad with him, if you see that you are being manipulated , you need to leave .

You have the right to say what you think

Often we say what others want to hear, and not what we think and feel. Do not deceive yourself and others.

Be always sincere, despite the fact that it can create problems in the relationship.

You can say “no” always when you think it’s necessary

Good people may well say “no” – if they keep their word and do what they promised. You do not have to give your time to others if you can not or just do not want to do it.

You do not have to be perfect

Good people should not do everything right and be right about everything, they, like all people, can be mistaken and make mistakes. You just need to recognize them and learn from them.

It is very important.

Remember that being a good person does not mean being a victim and letting others use oneself. Appreciate yourself, love yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Good people are not perfect, but they are not idiots. 


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