Aloe Vera for Blurred Vision


If you have blurred vision, eye fatigue, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, among other pathologies that are detrimental to your vision – you should be very attentive to the prescription that we will give you today, because after that your eyes will work much better .
This recipe is based on Aloe Vera, a plant that is used to treat many conditions, as studies show the effectiveness of its gel.

Let’s see how to prepare this home treatment.
Problems with vision can be hereditary, appear with time or from birth.
Regardless of the cause, with this treatment you can significantly improve your vision naturally.


•    90 g of aloe Vera juice or aloe Vera
•    half a kilo of chopped walnuts
•    30 g of honey
•    juice 4 lemons

Preparation and use:

1.    Extract the juice and gel of aloe Vera.
2.    In a blender, mix the aloe juice with the other ingredients until you get a smoothie.
3.    Consume a spoonful of this drink half an hour before each meal.
It is a simple natural treatment, with ingredients easily accessible. It will be cheaper than buying glasses or doing surgeries.
So do not waste more time or money. Prepare this natural treatment and restore your eyesight.


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