9 rules for a healthy lifestyle without a heavy routine


For many, a healthy lifestyle is associated with something regime and difficult: getting up at 6 am, exercise regularly and is not the most delicious. And no alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. In part, it is. But this is only one extreme, which, despite the high efficiency, requires such a degree of commitment that many people abandon the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle at the planning stage. “May I live a short time, but at least enjoy it,” so many say, drinking a tenth donut in a row with a large glass of milkshake. But, to be healthy and look good, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with a strict diet or spend 10 hours a week in the gym. The following 9 rules will not bring much discomfort to your life, but they will become a significant step to improve your own health.

1. The 80/20 rule

If you practice a healthy lifestyle, then, in order not to go to extremes, we recommend mitigating your routine with indulgences in the amount of 20% of the total effort. We explain how it works. For example, you really like Coca-Cola and drink an average of 10 cans per week. In order not to lose this pleasure, but at the same time not to turn your stomach into a chemical processing facility, following the 80/20 principle, it is worth reducing the consumption of cola to 2 cans per week. The same applies to healthy eating in general. On average, we eat 21 times a week. If you take care that 80% of meals are useful, and in 20% you allow relief, you will significantly improve your health without the exhausting drama of the diet.

2. Add physical exertion outside the room.

If you regularly go to the gym or go jogging for many kilometers, you can praise yourself for your zeal. But some do not have enough time to make training a part of everyday life. And since you are so busy, then in this case we recommend that you add physical exertion to your usual activities, slightly adjusting your habits. For example, you can refuse the elevator or park specifically away from the place of work so that the rest of the site can be covered on foot. In general, try to minimize the amount of time spent in a sitting position. These minor changes in your lifestyle in general will be able to bring much greater benefits to your health.

3. Give up on unrealistic goals.

Most often, the establishment of difficult or even impossible tasks leads to abandoning them. For example, the goal is to lose 5 kg per week. This requires such effort that the attempt itself causes rejection. The path to recovery should be based on small achievements. In this sense, the “all or nothing” principle does not work. Learn to be proud of any success, and in their absence – at least with their efforts.

4. Refuse bad habits

Do not promise yourself never to eat sweet again. In the end, you will last a couple of days, and then buy up the entire range of local confectionery and eat it in one sitting. We have already talked about the 80/20 rule. The balance of consumption of harmful products can gradually lead to their exclusion from the diet altogether. Do you like to eat ice cream before bedtime? Replace it with a more useful and no less tasty yogurt. And if you used to finish the day with two bottles of beer, then limit this tradition to weekends. It will be easier for you to give up your weakness if you know that you can soon afford it.

5. Exercise is not always a routine.

It is well known that exercise reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, stroke or diabetes. In addition, physical activity contributes to the production of endorphins, which improves mood, reduces anxiety, and also has a beneficial effect on sleep. The human body as a whole needs movement, so you should, in the absence of regular training, dilute your leisure time with vigorous activity. Cycling, long walks, playing football – these and similar activities can be an excellent compromise between enjoyable and rewarding.

6. Think positive

Any wellness rush should begin with an optimistic assessment of the result. Psychologists confirm that those who expect failure at the beginning of the path, as a rule, come to it. Therefore, from all the efforts that you put to improve your own health, you have to wait only for a positive outcome. A positive attitude is important not only to make your lifestyle a better one, but also to keep you feeling comfortable all the time.

7. Do not overdo it

Here, first of all, we are talking about the training program. Excessive loads can lead to burnout. As a result, you will always feel tired and weak. Your goal is to improve health by increasing your energy, not burnout. This process is a marathon, not a sprint: the load should be moderate and regular, not heavy and sudden.

8. Add extrinsic motivation

It will be easier for you to follow the plan if you have external motivators to perform the appropriate actions. For example, find a certain company to share sports. Then before each trip to the training session your doubts will go away if you know that someone is waiting for you. Or, during the lunch break, deliberately go to a place where junk food is excluded.

9. Refuse the behavior that deprives of energy.

A healthy lifestyle consists not only of restrictions, but also of compliance with the necessary basic settings. If you skip meals or do not get enough sleep, you will not only harm your health, but you can also bring down your diet. For example, a missed lunch can lead to overeating during dinner. If you know about some of your bad habits, then your lifestyle should help to abstain from them, and not vice versa.


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