9 kinds of sandwiches from around the world

Culinary leitmotif of bachelor life, a quick way to snack, a constant companion in the campaign – all these figurative expressions refer to a sandwich. Although this dish can talk a lot. After all, its popularity goes in unison with its simplicity. But, as you will learn from this article, even a sandwich has its own historical and national interpretations, and its simplicity is a rather controversial thing. And before you put a piece of sausage between two slices of loaf, read this article to the end. Perhaps then you will not want to do this. Because below are some proof that a sandwich can be a real work of culinary art.

1. Sandwich

Definition: two (or more) slices of bread, between which the stuffing is squeezed, or one slice, covered with some product from above.

It is logical to start this article with the most famous representative of the sandwich culture – sandwich.
This is a modest and unassuming dish, the simplicity of which helped him to be born. According to legend, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague, fascinated by gambling and spending 24 hours at the table, suddenly realized that he was hungry. Then he asked the servant to bring him a piece of cold beef, wrapped in two slices of bread for convenience, so that the count could have a bite, without being distracted from the game. Since then, this dish is called the “sandwich”, and in fact could be called “montagu”.

2. Hot dog

Definition: Sausage in an oblong bun with the addition of various ingredients.

There is a lot of controversy about whether to consider a hot dog sandwich. But let’s reason logically. A sandwich in the broad sense – is bread, inside or outside of which are various products. Accordingly, for a favorite picnic and park walks – a hot dog – a place in our list should definitely be allocated.

3. Croc Monsieur

Definition: hot sandwich with ham and cheese.

Croque-monsieur is a French dish, the analogs of which you probably made more than once in your kitchen, but did not know what it was called. Now you know, and let the thought warm you that you at least partially touched the culinary traditions of the Old World. Moreover, even Marcel Proust mentioned this sandwich in his works. The name of this dish is obliged to the legend of its appearance. He lived in France, one cook who bore the nickname “cannibal.” He had his own cafe in which he once presented a new dish: a fried baguette with cheese and ham. When the locals asked what ingredients he used, the chef replied that there was a “monsieur” inside the sandwich, sarcastically playing with his nickname. In a literal translation from the French “Croque-monsieur” means “crunch the monsieur.”

4. Ruben

Definition: a grilled corned beef sandwich, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and, as a rule, rye bread.

The history of the creation of this American sandwich leads us 100 years ago and has several interpretations. According to one of the versions, this dish was created by Omaha grocer Ruben Fists during a poker game. According to another, its creator is New York restaurateur Arnold Ruben, whose institution was visited by actress Annette Sielos, who at that time starred in the film with Charlie Chaplin. She was hungry and in a hurry, so she was served an improvised sandwich with the very recipe, which eventually became a classic.

5. Slider

Definition: a small meat sandwich that looks like a small hamburger.

This dish has many versions, but its unchanged ingredient is a small bun. Initially it was a small hamburger, in which they put salmon meat, foie gras or something else tasty and expensive. Perhaps this is due to its modest size. Over time, the composition of the sliders has expanded, and now it uses various meat fillings, and its popularity has gone far beyond Europe, where he was born more than 100 years ago.

6. Mufuletta

Definition: A round Italian bread sandwich, inside which is mortadella, ham, salami, provolone, mozzarella and pickled olive salad.

The composition of the mufulett may vary, but one thing in this sandwich must remain unchanged – Sicilian round bread with sesame. From him, this sandwich and got its name. The invention of this dish is attributed to the owner of a grocery store in New Orleans, Salvatore Lupo, a Sicilian by birth. While the date of its creation various sources called the 20s of the last century, the first mention of the word “mufuletta” appeared only in 1967.

7. Western sandwich

Definition: omelet sandwich.

This is a very satisfying dish, which in many countries is used equally well for both breakfast and lunch and dinner. The recipe is simple: an omelette, often seasoned with ham and onions, is squeezed between two pieces of bread. According to one of the versions, the first to prepare omelette sandwiches were Chinese cooks at the end of the 19th century who fed them to loggers and railway workers.

8. Submarine

Definition: a sandwich on a long bun with various fillings of meat, cheese and vegetables.

It is often called the “submarine”, but in different places it carries other names, including “Philadelphia sandwich” or “Continental Italian sandwich”. In fact, this is a classic sandwich, which consists of many different ingredients, determined by the culinary traditions of the places where it is cooked.

9. Sloppy Joe (Joe’s Slut)

Definition: a loaf with ground beef, cooked in a thick spicy sauce.

What kind of slut Joe is talking about is unknown, but the dish really looks sloppy. The same fate awaits the one who wants to eat this sandwich: to keep hands and face clean is unlikely.

It is only known that the first mention of “Slut Joe” is dated March 27, 1940 in the announcement of the news magazine of the city of Mansfield Ohio. Two years later, in America, “Slut Joe” was also called the free sweater. In the future, over the years, this term designated a person who casually refers to his clothes and appearance, becoming a kind of antonym for the concept of metrosexual.


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