8 physical skills that every man should master

When you were nine months old you already began to crawl; at one year old – walk. A little later you learned to jump, and for the next ten years you strengthened your physical skills in order to be stronger and more prepared for overload. However, the preparation for this is over: you are now an adult, who believes that he knows everything perfectly well. But it is not. Now you are degrading in the physical sense. Despite the fact that during your years you have learned the basic movements of an adult man, you are still doing a lot of things wrong. Today we will again reveal to you the wisdom of the foundations of physical development. This time we will focus on the “military-physical” skills.


Even when you are just standing, you struggle with the force of gravity. Every move you make can cause this force to lose. And okay, if you slip on slippery ice or banana peel – it’s not so bad if you can fall properly. Worse, when you stumble during a fight with an opponent. If this happens, the chances of winning are falling rapidly. Therefore, it is important to train balancing. A good sense of balance is sure to come in handy. Not only in a fight, but in the intersection of the river, the abyss, any other obstacle. Old climbers also have a great sense of balance. Why old? Because climbers who do not know how to balance, do not live to old age.

Developing this skill is extremely simple. Here are just a few examples of exercises you can do in a regular room:

– Put a long and narrow board on the floor of your room. Stand on her. Go forward and then back. Repeat several times.
– Just stand on the board or log, using one leg.
– Stand on the board and squat on one leg. Try not to lose balance.
– Stand on the board, jump, changing the leg.


Running, along with walking, is the most basic physical skill of any person. He is also probably the best option for the development of aerobic abilities. Running is important for maintaining health, it is also important in emergency situations. In the overwhelming majority of countries in the world, life depends on how fast and long you run.

We think that you know very well how to run, but we will give some good tips to diversify this matter:

– Focus on running technique, not speed.
– Speed, distance and duration of running should be varied: consistency in running does not need anything.
– Run on a variety of surfaces: on the track, tile, sand, earth, soil, leaves.
– When you master a normal run well, then start running with a quick change of direction.


Crawling is the prerogative of not only children, but also soldiers. Absurd? No, just this skill is fundamental for those who want to develop coordination between the hands and feet. Adults need it more than children, because crawling helps to get around an obstacle, to hide from the enemy and even save themselves from a stray bullet. Crawling perfectly strengthens the buttocks and limbs, but to deal with them for training purposes is difficult.

We recommend practicing crawling as follows:

– First, the arm goes forward, then the knee and leg – contact with the ground during the entire crawl.
“First, an arm and a leg go forward, and in the meantime the knees are raised.
– Instead of arms, use your shoulders (shoulder crawling).
– Try to crawl around the terrain with small obstacles.
– Try to crawl uphill and downhill.
– Try to crawl sideways.


Any jump is a functional movement that can help overcome an obstacle, get some thing that is higher than your height, and also slip away from the enemy. Parkour, we will not teach you (not experts, I’m sorry), but we will set the right direction.

Jumping practice:

“Climb up a small hill (some kind of box or stone, a landing), lean forward and let gravity do the rest.
– Find a racetrack in your city, mark 1, 2 and 2.5 meters from the start with chalk and jump with all your might. Write down the result and try to jump on.
– Just lower your torso down, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, jump up.
– Jump with a skipping rope.
– Jump on a variety of surfaces: on asphalt, tile, soil, sand, stones.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is not only an extreme sport, but also an excellent activity for any man. It has everything that is needed to strengthen the spirit and strengthen the muscles. But any climbing begins with a simple ability to climb to a height – this is an important skill in everyday life. Very often, we are faced with the need to climb a fence, pipe, wall, roof, any other obstacle.

Climbing techniques can be developed in the following ways:

– Climb up on a small wall (it didn’t hurt to fall), take both sides of its edge, keep hanging as long as possible.
– Grasp the tree branch with both hands and start pulling up.
– Try to climb a brick wall, using the structure of the wall, and not just the power of his grip.
– The more you practice, the higher and more complex the wall is to choose (do not forget about insurance).
– Climb on a variety of surfaces: rock, wall, mesh, trees, pipes, hills.


Traversing is the intersection of a route that runs along the ridge of a mountain range, overcoming a number of peaks. The route can be not only mountainous, but also any other. The essence of traversing is the crossing of the abyss, river, lowland with the help of a rope. Quite a difficult task, but we will help to cope with it.

You need to tie a thick rope (rope) between two trees – this will be your sports equipment. Then do this:

– Firmly grab your legs and hands on the rope and swing back and forth.
– Firmly grab your feet and hands on the rope, but this time swing from side to side.
– Slowly move the rope to the arm.
– Quickly move the rope hand to hand.
– Increase the width or height of the structure.
– Traverse with extra weight (better to use a backpack).

Throw and catch

Catching and throwing items always go together. If you catch well, then you should throw things with skill. These two skills are an integral part of survival techniques in the wild. But in the circle of civilization people they are also used. For example, woodcutters throw firewood; port workers throw and catch sacks of cargo; rescuers throw sandbags when you need to make a barricade before the flood. Simply put, in your life these skills will come in handy.

Our training:

– Start by throwing and catching objects of different sizes, weights, textures, evenness.
– Throw and catch these items at different distances.
– Throw objects through high obstacles.
– Catch objects that fly to you not in the hands, but, for example, in the legs or the head.

Not only lifting weights, but walking with them

Everyone can lift weights, but for a long time only people who work in difficult (from a physical point of view) professions can walk with them. It is important to be able to carry heavy things for a long time. Why is it important? Because you will do it anyway, but only without a workout, people tear their backs, and then they have problems with the spine for the rest of their lives.

Ways of skill development:

– Practice transferring the load from one shoulder to the other (you can do this with a log).
– Squat with a load on the shoulder.
– Walk with a load on various surfaces: through wood, sand, asphalt, dirt.
– Run with the cargo, march with the cargo, go with the cargo.


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