8 non-obvious ways to raise testosterone levels


Surely you were interested in what testosterone is and how to raise its level in your body. And I found on the Internet a bunch of identical articles that described how to do it. For the most part, all the tips are not very different from each other: a healthy sound sleep, proper nutrition, various diets, taking vitamins, playing sports and much more that you already know. But we will tell you about such ways to increase the level of the main male hormone in your body, which are unlikely to occur to you or have been found in articles about health.

1. Scream

Yes, sometimes it is necessary to go for a shit so that the level of the hormone in your body rises sharply. Remember the weightlifting competition that you can watch every year on TV. Habitual picture: the weight lifter approaches the projectile in order to once again break the world record for lifting the barbell. Clutching the neck, many athletes begin to growl. And already at the very ejection of the bar upwards go to the cry. On the one hand, these are all emotions – only a psycho will not shout from such a burden in the hands. But it is proved that a loud cry stimulates a sharp rise in testosterone in the body. Men use the same method in bed. When having sex, some of them shout at their girlfriend or call her last words, which also increases the level of testosterone. So sometimes poorat is also useful.

2. Sunbathe

Now remember, men of what nations are considered the most temperamental in the world? No need to think long. Of course, these are Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Latinos. It is not difficult to guess that this is due to the increased level of testosterone in their body. But at the expense of what? This is because they grow under the scorching southern sun. After all, a distinctive feature of their appearance is a slight darkness. And the sun directly affects the growth of the hormone. Therefore, you should thoroughly sunbathe in the summer, and to heighten the effect, do it better naked. So surely.

3. Go to the bath

Traditional sittings in the bath with friends also have a positive effect on your testosterone level. But on one condition: if there is no beer you will not drink. Here it is, and can erase all your bath procedures. But in general, you should steam thoroughly, and then, as many people like, to dive into the snow. This, of course, is not necessary – it will be enough to plunge into the cold pool, if one is available. This will not only give you vitality and harden your spirit, but also increase the growth of testosterone in your body.

4. Drink water

We know, this advice you probably already got. Indeed, in any article on health will certainly register this item. But so far without him, if he is. And however banal it may be, many people forget about it. It is proved that hydration has a positive effect not only on the state of the whole organism, but also on the level of the hormone in it. Therefore, if you want to stay a man longer than it usually is, do not forget to drink 2.5 liters of fluid a day.

5. Stop slouching

It turns out mom was right. The uneven back, for which you could always grab the cuffs from your parents as a child, negatively affects your hormone level. People with correct posture, proud gait and head held high are more likely to increase the amount of testosterone in their body than those who constantly slouch. It may be added that in this case, self-esteem still affects a lot. After all, as you know, most self-confident people have an even back, and those who doubt their abilities and personal qualities, on the contrary. So it is important for you not only to do your posture, but also your self-esteem.

6. Win

All ingenious is simple. Sometimes, to cause the growth of a hormone, you just need to feel like a winner. And not so important in what. This can be a regular computer online toy or a bonus at work. Any victory raises you in your own eyes, gives new strength and, importantly, helps to increase testosterone. What to do if you do not get along at work, and from computer games you have long grown? Then just turn on the match of your favorite football team and enjoy watching it. In case of victory, you will feel involved in it, therefore you will be a winner, like those guys on the field. A successful match of your favorite team can also increase the level of the hormone you need, remember this.

7. Keep your eggs cold

In other words, do not forget to air them. No, this does not mean that you have to jump from bed to bed. Just do not forget about some of the procedures and advice with regards to the companions of your main dignity. What to do with them? First, do not wear too tight pants and pants. They will only make it worse. After all, from too much heat your eggs testosterone levels drop significantly. Secondly, try to sleep naked. By freeing your personal belongings, you stimulate the growth of the hormone. Third, cold water may help you. And let them not only harden you.

8. Drink (moderately)

But not beer. You can forget about him immediately. Especially if you are a fan of skipping a glass every night after the working day. It will not help you. In general, we are well aware that regular consumption of alcohol leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. However, a number of studies prove that alcohol can make your body work for you. If you, of course, did not get drunk in the dowel and do not suffer from chronic binges. In these cases, you can say goodbye to your testosterone. In the rest – a small amount of alcohol can cause the growth of free testosterone, but only in the short term. Just do not forget about the right snack. After all, alcohol reduces the amount of zinc in the body, and it, as a rule, also affects your hormone. Cashews, oysters or veal will do.

Bonus: Ancient recipe

Our ancestors also cared about their male health. One of the recipes still came to us, but hardly anyone will decide to try it. And the point is not that the experiment can be dangerous for the organism as a whole. Just in search of ingredients for him you can shabotat a few articles, such as poaching or cruelty to animals (but most likely, and then, and then together). What did the warriors do to remain warriors? They caught beavers, and then cut off their sexual organ. Further, it was necessary to dry and grind, then to make this tincture. They say it helped. But we do not advise.


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