8 Health and Beauty Tricks


There are many remedies you can do at home to improve your health and gain beauty that cost you nothing. These are healthy, simple, homemade habits that will help you stay in shape. Put them into practice! They are easy and cheap. 

1. Drink a glass of hot water on an empty stomach. That helps you cleanse the body after all night and, if you also add a stream of lemon, better, because this citrus is cleansing and digestive. In addition this combination is diuretic. Do it with a routine and you will notice its benefits.

2. Home hand scrub. Who said that the tricks of our mothers are not useful? Try this trick: put some sugar in the palm of your hand and pour a splash of olive oil (it can also be almonds). Rub your hands thoroughly, fingers, back, palm, and then wash them with soap to remove the oily feeling. You will see how they are very soft.

3. Natural moisturizer for the body. Buy almond oil herbalists . Add rosehip oil, a few drops. Almond oil is very moisturizing and rosehip is indicated for skin spots. You will see how the skin of the whole body, especially that which is exposed to the sun, gains in softness and smoothness.

4. Rinsing for chamomile hair. If you have light hair when you wash your hair try to make the last rinse with an infusion of chamomile . This will make your hair softer and will enhance your color.

5. Herb bag for pains. Now they sell them in many ready-made places but you can do it yourself. Fill a rectangle of fabric with seeds: they can be made of flaxseed, wheat, lavender, linen … When you heat them in the microwave they keep the heat and are especially indicated for muscular pains or pains of menstruation. They can also be put in the freezer if it is advisable to apply cold in the area to be treated. They fit perfectly to any part of the body. If you make cloth and then put a cover on it, you can wash the cover from time to time, because single-cloth bags can not be put in the washing machine because the seeds rot.

6. A remedy to relieve the cold. Heat milk in a saucepan and, without letting the grass, pour a tablespoon of butter and ground black pepper. You can also add to the milk, instead of these ingredients, half a spoonful of ground ginger and a spoonful of honey.

7. Decongest the eyes. There are many homemade tricks to do it, but we recommend these: although you’ve heard it a thousand times the slices of cucumber in the eyes work . Cucumber has decongestant and refreshing properties and calms the skin around the eyes. It is better to use a fresh cucumber fresh from the refrigerator. Potato slices are also very effective. Another quick and effective method is to apply two cotton discs soaked in cold milk and leave for 15 minutes.

8. Open the pores before applying a mask. Boil water in a large saucepan. Add mint, eucalyptus or rosemary and remove from heat after a few minutes. With the skin very clean, places the head on the pan and cover with a towel. Hold with your head covered and let the steam open your pores. Try to be like this for about 15 minutes. Rinse the skin with fresh water and now it’s time to apply the mask. After that it is very important that you give yourself a tonic and hydrates the skin very well. 


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