8 coffee recipes from around the world


Still, coffee – a brilliant drink. The slightest deviation from the recipe, and voila: a completely new recipe is ready. And in many countries, not only the method of cooking, but also the supply is unique. Italian coffee shops serve espresso with lemon, and in Finland, Lapland cheese is first put in a cup, then coffee is poured. We assure you, these are not the most original ways. Not for nothing that we live in such a crazy world.

1. Denmark

Who would have thought that the Danes did not lag behind the Italians in terms of coffee consumption. It would seem that in a damp and cold Scandinavia it is more logical to warm up with tea, or schnapps. But no, they drink exactly coffee. They carry thermoses with them, they drink in coffee houses, although the prices there are inhuman – it’s better to drink at home. In a word, they are not much different from us. We also consume coffee in unbelievable quantities, drink everything from latte to espresso, and also have a bad understanding of this drink.

For some reason, traditional Danish coffee is coffee with rum, cloves and cinnamon called “Copenhagen”. None of the products is traditional, but if in your country, except for berries, meat and juniper, there is nothing, then why not assimilate exotic things?

– Freshly brewed black coffee – 250 ml;
– Dark rum – 50 ml;
– Brown sugar (to taste);
– Cinnamon – 2 sticks;
– Carnation;
– Marshmallow.

Preparation: I
must say, brewed coffee is not the way you can imagine, looking at the ingredients. First you need to brew coffee (you can in Turku, or anywhere), then pour it into the pan, where to add rum, spices and sugar. Mix the resulting slush and let it brew. Then put on the fire. Bring coffee to a boil (yes, once again) and immediately remove from heat.

Allow it to cool and brew properly, then heat it to the required temperature. It remains to pour the drink into the container available in the side, fill it with marshmallow and dream of Danish citizenship.

But I must admit that much more popular among the descendants of the Vikings is coffee with ice cream and Irish coffee (the recipe can be found here). Apparently, the genetic memory of the times when the Scandinavians mocked the Emerald Isle, makes itself felt.

2. Brazil

Brazil is famous not only for a large number of wild-wild monkeys, but also for coffee. Give it to cattle for food. A third of all the world’s coffee beans come from the country of carnivals, favelas and good football players.

But they drink coffee here in a completely different way than we do. They have such a drink cafesinho, which literally translates as “little coffee.” All that is needed is to brew coffee, strain the brew through a cloth sieve into tiny cups. A lot of sugar is added to coffee and, if the word “sugary” is not familiar to you, condensed milk and syrup. But this is self-indulgence. People who still remember the fascist junta drink cafficcino only with sugar.

Brazil, oddly enough, prefers less coffee and more supplements. Probably guys from coffee plantations know something. For example, in coffee with milk, they first add milk, and only then pour strong coffee.

The Brazilian method may surprise, but what the Bolivians drink is the least like coffee. Something like the Argentine lagrima. Wild, very weak swill, which is more like water with a taste of coffee. Simply, they are very diluted drink, the Europeans do not understand.

3. Colombia

Colombia and coffee are inextricably linked. Here, according to many experts, the best beans in the world are grown. And they drink it here normally, and not like in neighboring countries. And a lot that affected even the local literature.

The colonel opened the can and found that there was no more teaspoon of coffee left. He removed the pot from the fire, splashed half of the water on the earthen floor, and began to scrape the jar, shaking the last grains of coffee mixed with flakes of rust into the pot.

This is an extract from the story that gave the name of the most popular song of the group Bi2 “No one writes to the colonel”. If anyone knows, it was written by the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But in fact, Colombian coffee is made not with the addition of rust, but with the addition of chocolate. And before reading the recipe, keep in mind one thing: Colombian coffee can be brewed only from coffee grown in Colombia.

– Coffee – 8 g;
– Water – 150 ml;
– Sugar – to taste;
– Coffee beans – 6 pcs .;
– Chocolate – 10 g.

Melt chocolate and dip coffee beans in it, then put it in the fridge to freeze.

Heat the Turk, pour in coffee and sugar, warm them for 20 seconds before pouring water. Boil over low heat until the first signs of boiling the drink appear.

Remove from heat and pour into cups. Before serving, put the coffee beans in chocolate on a saucer. Be sure to serve with a glass of cold water.
To taste the drink revealed, be sure to take a sip of cold water before you sip a coffee.

4. Vietnam

“Goood morning, Vietnam,” Robbin Williams screamed in the same film. And what does morning in Vietnam begin with? With the repair of a moped and a cup of invigorating coffee. Here, this drink is very loved and cooked in a special way.

For example, at the bottom of the cup, first put condensed milk, which is widespread here. For these purposes, they invented a special ramming glass, more resembling a kitchen metal sieve: a leaky iron glass in which coffee is poured. Then the powder is moistened with boiling water, rammed and poured boiling water. Water is gradually decanted through the holes and within 2-3 minutes (depending on the grinding) it turns out in the cup. These gooks even brewed coffee in a sly manner.

If finding a leaky mug is problematic for you, then remember another popular coffee in Vietnam. Also with condensed milk, but with the addition of eggs.

– 1 egg yolk;
– Ground coffee – 3 tsp;
– Condensed milk – 2 tsp.

Cook a small cup of coffee. Beat the yolk with condensed milk to a fluffy foam mixture, pour in a tablespoon of already brewed coffee and beat it well again. Top up the rest of the coffee and drink. Or even eat too calorie.

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been unlike the rest of Asia, even China. Experiencing the great influence of Western civilization, he absorbed the Asian flavor with English practicality. This simple English-Chinese mix was reflected in the kitchen. Traditional Chinese tea, at first in English manner mixed with milk, and only then with Europeans’ popular coffee. Yes, yes, my friend, they do not share, and mix two drinks in one. Cooking it for a long time is a chore, but the taste is unusual.

– Black tea – 2 tbsp. spoons, or 4 sachets;
– Coffee;
– Milk with sugar or condensed milk;
– Ice (optional).

Water and tea (tea bags or teapot) should be placed in a small saucepan with cold water and put on medium heat. Bring to the beginning of the boil, then reduce the heat and cook for 3 minutes. At the same time keep in mind that water should not boil.

Remove the pan from the heat, add condensed milk (or milk with sugar), return it to the hob. Now the drink should boil, and boil for 3 minutes after boiling.

In parallel with this, brew coffee. Just as you wish, with the help of the Turks, or coffee machines.

And now we mix two drinks together. You can drink it hot, or you can cool it and add ice.

6. Turkey

The most widespread coffee in the Ottoman Empire. It was the owners of the crooked scribes who made the drink so popular. The European public, having tasted it much earlier, has long been wary of the black slush.

Everybody knows how to make coffee in Turkish? On the sand, bring to a boil. So, this is a simple recipe, and since we have already taken up the unusual, then we will look at the forgotten “recipe of the old Moor”. The name sounds poetic exactly until you look at the ingredients: garlic and honey. Coffee with honey is, to put it mildly, an amateur, because the taste of a bee belch (if you really consider honey quite rudely) is too bright and floral for a drink with such a strong character as coffee.

– Ground coffee – 1 teaspoon;
– Sugar – 1.5 tsp;
– Caster sugar, or better honey;
– Water;
– Garlic – 1 thin petal;
– Turk.

In the ground coffee, add a thin, almost transparent garlic petal. No need to shove a huge, briquette-sized ignition piece. Proceed at the rate of 1 portion – 1 petal. Fill all this splendor with hot water, almost boiling water. Oh yeah, this coffee is prepared only in the Turk, in any other dish.

Cook as usual before boiling. After the coffee is ready, pour it into a cup and put the honey. If the cup is small, coffee, then put only a third of a teaspoon. If large, then you can put entirely. The main thing is not to mix honey, let it flow to the bottom of the cup. Under the influence of high temperatures, this will happen quickly enough. But it will be better if you eat this honey.

7. Jamaica

In Jamaica, everything is fine, they are happy and drink coffee with orange and rum (this is Jamaica). Let’s say frankly: a kind of drink, very much “an amateur.” But share the recipe.

– Coffee;
– Cream;
– Sugar;
– Orange peel;
– Rum.

Whip the cream, mix with sugar and zest, then let cool. Leave for a long time in a cool place.

Simultaneously brew coffee. Again, any way convenient for you. In a cup of coffee, add 2 tablespoons of liquor, a mixture of cream, sugar and zest. If the orange notes are not enough, you can squeeze a little juice. Although, we warn you right away, it will be a goddamn thing. Jamaicans drink a cup of coffee with fresh slices of orange, so vitamin C is enough.

8. Morocco

The word “Morocco” alone is strongly associated with spices. And for good reason: their coffee is more like an oriental bazaar than a drink. Most likely, after such a drink you will have to bake your mouth, so think twice, even at the stage of selecting spices.

– Ground coffee – 54 g;
– Allspice – 1 pc .;
– Red pepper – 1 pc .;
– Carnation – 1 pc .;
– Sesame seeds – 12 g;
– Cardamom – 5 pcs .;
– Nutmeg – 5 g;
– Water – 0.6 l;
– Sugar – to taste.

Sesame seeds must be poured into a Turk. Cook until they have a golden hue.

All spices need to grind in a coffee grinder and mix with coffee powder. Add coffee to sesame, pour the mixture with cool water. Keep on fire until the liquid begins to boil.

And now the most important thing: when the brew begins to boil, remove it from the heat, add sugar, stir, let it brew for 2 minutes, then put it on fire again. We are waiting until the drink starts to boil. The principle is simple: the stronger the coffee you want, the more boiling it must survive.


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