7 Worst Fitness Tips We’ve Ever Heard


When you start to train, sometimes it is better not to receive any advice from left-wing people, who in no way belong to fitness. They advise too much rubbish, thinking that you will not check their recommendations anyway. But any training can result in injury. And frankly speaking, you can hardly find time for nonsense. We understand that in the “left people” you can also record us, but we hope that our experience, which is based on the knowledge of the sports community, will be useful to you.

No pain no benefit

These are not our words, but the words of Dwayne “The Rock” by Johnson, who can be mistaken for a guy you can trust. But his formula does not always work for you. Of course, a burn sensation to some extent may be a sign of a good workout, but your crippled limbs are not the ultimate goal.

Fat can be removed by directed workouts.

It seems reasonable, but fat does not leave problem areas because you only strain them. You do not get rid of the stain on the shirt, but from the fat in your body! That is, if you remove liposuction from the calculation, the body will remove fat from different areas, in various portions, depending on your metabolism. The best solution for the destruction of fat will be balanced workouts that will be directed to all areas, not just the problem area.

Cardio for women, power for men

Do not let stereotypes portiere your health. Complex training is important, so if in your gym only girls are engaged on the treadmills, then take a turn, spit on the opinions of those who shake hands and go and run. You have to do cardio and strength, and not just one thing.

Work with light weights increases muscle relief

This is not true. Light weights do not build up your muscle mass, no matter how many approaches you take. You just burn calories. Muscles will not grow. Therefore, it is no longer important to repeat, but the burden that you take on yourself – you must regularly increase it so that your muscles finally begin to grow.

Yoga helps prepare the body for heavy loads

In yoga, there are many advantages, but it does not replace a warm-up. A standard session, as a rule, only stretches and lengthens the muscles – this can really help relief, but most of the exercises that you will do on yoga are reduced to a very easy gymnastics, which is important except for mental health, but definitely not for the physical.

More sweat means you burn more fat.

Sweat is not when fat cries, man. Sweat is a by-product of your workouts, it should not be an end in itself, because it means absolutely nothing. Some people can soak through a jersey after five minutes of fast walking on a treadmill, others have to run for an hour to really sweat, but this does not mean that they have lost less calories – these are just the features of the body.

Big muscles make you stronger

There is a clear separation between big muscles and strong muscles. You can see the difference when you look at weightlifters who pump strength, and bodybuilders who pump, by and large, beauty. The latter focus on building muscle mass, the first – on the functional. Before choosing a training program, you need to know what exactly you want to achieve, so choose wisely.


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