7 tricks of travel agencies that can ruin your vacation

There is such a problem situation in the tourism business, when some travel agencies and tour operators operating offline often deal with tourists in bad faith. The thirst for profit so seizes them that they go to a variety of tricks to earn more, even more cache. Many vacationers, when they first encounter this state of affairs, are not prepared and allow themselves to do so. We consulted on these issues with the tourist online guide Must2Go and learned how unscrupulous travel agencies circle tourists around their fingers so that you, unlike these poor fellows, can rest properly.

1. Tickets and tours are not valid.

The trick is that tourists are informed that the tickets and tours that they purchased at home are no longer valid. And at the same time booking hotel rooms and excursions. If they see that the client has swallowed the bait, they will add something else to this, in order to make more money on the naivete of people. The best time for this trick is when tired, overcame a few time zones, tourists descend from the plane. As two of the casket, a person appears, brazenly, cynically and confidently informs that due to the difficult international situation, cooperation between local organizers and travel agencies has been terminated. And offers to buy tours of his travel agency, while the best have not bought up other tourists. If you come across this, remember that this is just a trick. Actually your tour is valid. Doubt – call where you bought the tour,

In hotels, such travel agencies place “tourist assistance tables”, the sole purpose of which is to sell tickets and excursions instead of those that have already been bought by you. If, in spite of all your actions, the staff of this travel agency does not lag behind and disturb you, call you, call Must2Go. Guys will help you solve the problem. Of course, there will not be an assault group with square chins, but your rest will be saved. No need to think that all tour operators and travel agencies play such games. It is rather the ways of desperate tourist market players.

2. Your insurance will disappear

Going on a trip, you think that you turn to a tour operator, buy a tour and relax. And well, if that happens. But you can also get caught by such a tour operator who, in his war with rivals and in pursuit of money, crossed the threshold of decency. In this case, if something does not suit you in their cultural program and you want to refuse any excursions or additional services, employees can say that as a result of this decision you will lose insurance. Naturally, this is absurd, but you would know how many people are led to it.

In fact, everything works like this: insurance is organized by the tour organizers – these are companies that organize your leisure as a tourist, coordinate work with museums, bus fleets, hotels. Then the finished tours are transferred to tour operators and travel agencies for sale. These guys cannot make any changes in tours and excursions, therefore, as you understand, your insurance cannot be canceled in principle. You will most likely be told again and again that insurance will burn if you do something inappropriate to the intentions of an unscrupulous travel agency. If you are faced with such actions, call the police or write to the Department of Tourism – the law is on your side. Tour operators, travel agencies and online services manage only prices, tourist support and directly sales of tickets, tours and excursions. AND,

3. Selling “a cat in a bag”

This problem is the most popular. You bought a tour from a travel agency with a stay in a five-star hotel and meals in the “buffet” system, but upon arrival you learn that they settled you in a hotel with four stars, and the meals there are three meals a day. And the hot water in the shower is only from 8 to 11. From this development, and do not want to relax. You don’t want to go back home or download the rights. Having resignedly, you jump into the bus and go on an excursion. The program recorded that this is an excursion to the ancient city built by the ancient people. In place, it turns out that these are just four stones with a plate. And you paid a lump sum for it. Travel and rest are spoiled, money is spent, there is no expected result. It should be understood that here travel agencies that use this trick take into account an important psychological point: you are in a foreign country, you don’t know the language no friends and relatives. You feel insecure and therefore do not run to the tourism department or the travel agency itself to understand. And worth it. With Must2go you will not have such problems. If you paid for Disneyland – got Disneyland. And so with everything.

4. Non-fixed prices

When the cost of the tour is determined right there, depending on how you are dressed, whether you look wealthy or not, this, to put it mildly, amazes. And the prices in such cases grow 1.5-2 times. And this is simply because you have a gold chain on your hand or you look too full.

5. Sale of fictitious tours

Travel agencies live by resale tours. They buy them from the operator and resell about 10-15% more expensive. The travel agency must sign a contract with each tour operator with which it cooperates. Without this, travel agency services are illegal. Naturally, in this sublunary world there are guys who do not sign any contracts, stamp tours without infrastructure support, and sell to prostitutes. Sometimes at a traditionally high price, sometimes at a shockingly low price. And after a sufficient number of people bite on their offer, they simply disappear with money.

In order not to be so stabbed, remember: without a travel agency agreement with a tour operator, travel agency services are illegal. Therefore, before you buy something, ask the agency manager for a contract with a tour operator. Seriously demand. This is a guarantee that they work according to the law, which means that in case of violation of your rights, you are entitled to make a grandiose claim in court. It is also a guarantee that the tour you buy will include transportation, food, and excursions. They did not show the agreement, they began to crush the bread – what for? Go to the others.

6. Cancellation

To buy a reservation from the operator, you need to pay a tour at the agency. After receiving payment from the agency, the operator sends a tourist voucher and itinerary receipts. Without these documents, the client will not be able to go on vacation. As a rule, the operator sends the voucher and receipts for a couple of days from the date of payment of the tour. If the agency constantly says that it is about to send money, it is likely that it does not intend to confirm the reservation and, quite possibly, plans to appropriate your money and leave you without rest. In order not to spoil your vacation, find out in advance the telephone number of the tour operator, contact him the next day after payment and ask if he received money from the agency. If not, ask the travel agency to provide documents confirming that payment for the tour has occurred.

7. Payment without contract

If the travel agency takes money from you without signing a contract with you, it works in the “shadow”. Therefore, if the manager asks to transfer funds immediately, it is better to turn to another agency and do not tempt fate.
After payment you must provide a payment document. If you have not received it, you will not be able to get your money back, even in court. In fact, your statement “I paid” will say that there is no evidence of payment. To protect yourself, do not pay in cash to the cashier, but so that the bank in which the travel agency account is located, as well as your bank, can track this transaction, its date, time and amount. In this case, if you entered into an agreement with the travel agency, paid, and you were told that there was no payment, you will take a bank listing of remittances from your card and you will be able to prove your case.

Online service Must2Go can help you cope with the described tricks. Therefore, even if you didn’t buy the tour from them, but encountered such tricks, contact the guys, they will help. At the same time you will be convinced of the sincerity of their intentions. Their goal is to help a person travel the world, have fun, visit new countries with maximum comfort and ease.


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