7 tips to lose weight


7 tips and easy customs that will help you lose weight. These 7 tips are small healthy guidelines that will help you lose weight. In no case they replace a balanced diet and the practice of exercise.

7 tips and easy customs that you can do to lose weight

Follow these small guidelines, simple and everyday things you can do every day to lose weight.

1. Drink water

The first advice to lose weight, the most obvious, the easiest. Drink water. Water helps to eliminate toxins from the body, it also eliminates the sensation of hunger. Drink water instead of soft drinks or other sugary drinks to avoid the “extra” consumption of sugars, an extra supply of unnecessary calories.

2. Drink green tea

Green tea is the antioxidant par excellence and is used on numerous occasions as a complement to some diets. People who consume green tea regularly lose weight faster than people who do not take it, this is because green tea helps the process of thermogenesis and the oxidation of fat.

3. Eat more proteins

Increase protein intake in your diet. Increase the proportion of proteins in your diet, eliminate carbohydrates, more fish, meat, eggs, milk … less bread, pastries, etc … The feeling of hunger between hours will be much lower, and it will take more time to return to hunger if you increase the consumption of proteins in your diet. Proteins help the formation of muscle mass, while carbohydrates, if not “spent”, are stored in the form of fats.

Eye! Beware, carbohydrates are necessary for the organism, you cannot take an exclusive diet of proteins.

4. Take a salad before lunch

Start your meals with a salad. Do not eat anything else until you finish it. Why? Because the feeling of hunger will disappear a little. In addition, the nutrients you eat with the salad will be top quality, raw ingredients, full of vitamins, and a healthy habit even for people who are not following diet or wanting to lose weight. Lose weight, and gain health.

5. Relax

Eliminate anxiety and stress from your life. When we are nervous, stressed, anxious, etc., we tend to eat more. Some tips to eliminate anxiety and stress are to look for hobbies with which to be entertained, take yoga classes, follow relaxation and meditation tricks, take a walk, and take a hot bath with candles and music…

6. Walk

Go for a walk, move, it is not necessary to take a GAP, Piloxing or Zumba class and sweat the shirt until it runs off, just go for a walk, walk, or if you can, do without the car or the bus, walk to the places.

7. Eat slowly

Eat, do not gobble It is proven that eating slowly helps considerably when it comes to losing weight, this is one of the best and easiest tricks to lose weight. Eating slowly, chewing food, in addition to facilitating digestion and absorption of nutrients, will make you fill up sooner. The brain takes a while to receive the signal that it has eaten enough, eating slowly we will give that time and we will not eat more than necessary.


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